Mahindra Thar collides with tractor: Tractor breaks into two [Video]

The condition of roads and highways in India has improved over the years. With the rise in the number of good highways, we have also seen an increase in the number of accidents. Driving on Indian roads is still very challenging. There are many people on the road who drive recklessly on highways. These careless drivers often end up causing accidents. We have come across several instances where people driving on the wrong side of the road have crashed into oncoming traffic. In this video, we can see a Mahindra Thar crashing into a tractor that was being driven on the wrong side of the highway. The impact was so brutal that the tractor broke into two.

The video was uploaded by Prateek Singh on their YouTube channel. The incident was reported from Gujarat on the Una-Bhavnagar highway. One of his followers shared the video on Instagram. In the video, the vlogger mentions that the accident happened in the evening around 7:30 pm. At one point, a tractor decided to join the highway from the wrong side.

It immediately came in front of the Thar, and the SUV driver had no time to react. The SUV crashed into the tractor on the wrong side before coming to a complete stop. There is still no clarity as to whether the tractor driver was coming from the wrong side or simply joined the highway without noticing the oncoming traffic. The SUV crashed into the tractor severely. It is said that the Mahindra Thar was also being driven at high speed since it was a highway. When the tractor came in front of the SUV, the driver could not stop the car in time.

Mahindra Thar collides with tractor: Tractor breaks into two [Video]
Thar & tractor accident

Upon impact, the right-hand side of the SUV was completely damaged. The wheels, front bumper, grille, bonnet, and fenders were all damaged. Thankfully, even after such a serious accident, the occupants in the Mahindra Thar escaped without any major injuries. The tractor that the SUV crashed into was also damaged. The tractor actually broke into two pieces. The front end of the tractor is seen lying on the median, while the rest of it is on the road. Even the front wheels of the tractor are missing.

The video mentions that the driver of the tractor is badly injured and has been admitted to a nearby hospital. In this case, the fault lies completely with the tractor driver. He should not have driven on the wrong side of the road. The Thar driver, on the other hand, should have been a lot more careful and driven at a decent speed. This is not the first time we have come across an incident like this. In the past, we have seen videos where bikers have narrowly escaped accidents on highways. We have also seen drivers and riders join the highway carelessly without noticing the oncoming traffic. Recently, we saw a video where a scooter rider, who was speaking on the phone, caused an accident after crossing the road without looking at the oncoming traffic.