MS Dhoni’s Jonga restorer built another 1-Ton truck, but this is actually a Mahindra Thar!

Nissan Jonga 1 Ton are truly a rare breed in India and because it is a military vehicle, it leaves most of people awestruck due to its massive size. Also, the rarity and intimidating looks of the Nissan Jonga truly make it an eye-catching vehicle on public roads, especially because it stands out so much. Sourcing the original model can be very difficult. That is why this is a model based on the 2016 Mahindra Thar in Delhi. This is the same model as the Dhoni’s Jonga 1-Ton truck and is made by the same garage.

This Nissan Jonga 1-ton truck is based on the 2016 Mahindra Thar and is powered by a 2.5-litre CRDI engine. This Nissan Jonga 1-ton truck gets a lot of additions and new features. The body is from an original model but has been completely modified. It gets a massive bullbar at the front and there is an electric winch attached to it. The vehicle rides on 37-inch off-road spec tyres.

The cost of the car is about Rs 20 lakh if you go for the modification with a brand-new Mahindra Thar. Since the Thar is a two-door and does not get a long wheelbase, heavy modifications have been done to make it much longer in size. The modified vehicle gets four doors and space for four. The right flared fender is also the base of the air filter, which works.

The flatbed of the vehicle, which is under the spare tyre is also wrapped in leather. It is easily openable because of the hydraulics.

Luxurious cabin

The cabin gets full leather on the roof, dashboard, door pads and everywhere else. The vehicle gets a sunroof as well. There are four captain seats and the front seats are electrically adjustable with a memory function. All the seats are covered in diamond-stitched leather. The dashboard gets a massive Tesla-styled portrait mode screen.

It is a retro-modern Jonga 1-Ton with features like a 360-degree camera. There are four cameras mounted around the vehicle that feeds the screen live. The Jonga 1-Ton also gets a sunroof, power windows and power steering.

The vehicle gets powered by the same 2.5-litre diesel engine and it also gets a 4X4 drive system with a low-ratio transfer case.

Dhoni owns a similar model

MS Dhoni’s Jonga restorer built another 1-Ton truck, but this is actually a Mahindra Thar!

The Nissan 4W73 pick-up truck was the latest vehicle that has been added to the luxury garage of M S Dhoni. It is popularly known as the One-Ton and is famous among vehicle collectors. The vehicle has been beautifully restored by SD Nakodar and it gets a beautiful hulk green shade on the outside. Even the interior has been revamped completely and a new dashboard from Mahindra Thar has been put in place. Other modern-day luxuries include leather seats, touchscreen infotainment systems, LED lamps and other such things.

This Nissan One-Ton though is just a lookalike, and the dealer selling it tells the vlogger that this is built by the same maker as Dhoni’s. We have no independent confirmation of this, though it definitely looks very similar. The dealer says that this has more features compared to Dhoni’s original One-Ton, perhaps because he was interested in keeping it all as close to stock as possible.

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