Mahindra Thar DayBreak: What it looks like on the road [Video]

Mahindra Thar is one of those SUVs which is hard to be found in stock condition. Any Thar that you’ll find on the road will have at least one modification in it. This is mainly because of the design of the Thar. It looks rugged and ready to take on any type of tricky situation. In 2016 Mahindra had showcased one such extensively modified version of the Thar at the Auto Expo and had named it the Daybreak edition. This was not just a concept but customer can actually opt for this kind of customisation via Mahindra Customisation. Here we have one such video that shows how the Thar Daybreak edition looks on roads.

The video has been uploaded by MD Vlogs on their youtube channel. The video shows a modified Mahindra Thar CRDe in a yellow colour being driven on the roads of West Bengal. The car looks brute and has an imposing look on the road. The bright paint finish and the other modifications make it stand out from the crowd. Talking about the modifications, first thing one would notice is the huge tyres. The Daybreak edition gets 37 inch Maxxis tyres on steel rims.

Other changes include the redesigned bumper which now comes with an electronic winch. The headlights are now LED projectors with two auxiliary lamps for better illumination at night. The exhaust has been re-routed and now comes out from the left side of the car . It also gets a snorkel, custom made hood with a scoop on it, redesigned fenders, doors and ORVMs. The roof of the Daybreak edition edition Thar gets guide lights and a roll cage too. The Daybreak edition is a soft top SUV

Mahindra Thar DayBreak: What it looks like on the road [Video]

The video does not show the interiors but Mahindra normally gives the interior a black finish with body colour inserts at places in the daybreak edition. It will get a new steering wheel, touchscreen infotainment system and bench seats at the rear which is now facing the front. The daybreak edition looks butch and has ample amount of road presence.

Mahindra is currently working on a new generation Thar which is longer and wider than the current gen Thar. Mahindra has been testing the Thar extensively for quite some time and is likely to be launching it in the market later this year. The new Thar will share its platform with the next-generation Scorpio, and will be a global vehicle offered with both petrol and diesel engines.