Mahindra Thar badly stuck in the desert gets rescued by a winch [Video]

Among the various forms of automotive pleasures petrolheads indulge themselves in, off-roading is among the most popular ones. The gush of adrenaline that rushes inside the body after conquering a challenging terrain is something that needs to be experienced in order to understand it fully. All across the world, off-roading and rally sports are quite popular and the same is the case in India too. However, there are several factors to be kept in mind while going off the road or things could go south before you know. The video below by Lokesh Swami is about a stuck Thar and a winch that eventually saves the day and pulls it out. Take a look at it before we proceed further.

In the video, we see a group of guys enjoying wild off-roading in their 4×4 vehicles. The vehicles in the group mostly include Mahindra Thars and some Maruti Suzuki Gypsys. During the course of dune bashing, one of the Mahindra Thars gets stuck on the treacherous sandy ground. It could not come out even after many attempts by the driver and the people around. Finally, another Mahindra Thar is called on the scene which has a winch on its front bumper. The winch wire is attached to the other Thar that is stuck.

Thar Winch 2

With the help of the winch, the stuck Mahindra Thar comes out in the first attempt itself. This proves how useful and effective the winch is for such outdoor expeditions. While off-roading is fun, it is definitely not an easy task. One may climb through some rocks and splash some stream but hardcore and planned off-roading needs patience as well as planning. Just aiming your vehicles and going out like a bullet will end up in either you being damaged or the vehicle suffering mechanical damage or in the worst case, both. Always test the terrain you are about to drive on before driving into it. This will let you formulate a driving plan according to the surface. Mind you, things may not turn out to be what they seem to be and therefore, get out of the vehicle and get a feel of how the terrain is.


While driving on a sandy surface, let out some air off your tires. This will sag the tires and thus increase the surface area in contact with the ground. Doing so will prevent the wheel from sinking in the sand. However, make sure not to let too much air out of the tires because that will make the conditions worse. Also, group off-road trips are always better than solo trips as there are people to help when the need arises. Apart from these, their are various other things to be followed while off-roading but we’ll touch upon them sometime later.

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