Mahindra Thar drifting stunt goes wrong: Here’s the result [Video]

Mahindra Thar crashed while drifting

Performing stunts in four-wheeled vehicles or any vehicle, for that matter, brings a huge adrenaline rush. The only problem is that if these stunts go wrong, this entire rush quickly vanishes. Recently, a video of a failed attempt at drifting a Mahindra Thar has been shared online. In this short video, a Mahindra Thar owner crashed into a tree while attempting to drift his SUV on an empty field.

The Failed Drift Attempt of a Thar Driver

The video of this Mahindra Thar drift going wrong has been shared on Instagram by KL Boi on their page. The video starts off with a picture of a man standing and laughing next to a crashed Mahindra Thar. Soon after this, the video shows exactly how this crash happened. It can be seen that the driver of the Mahindra is attempting to drift this lifestyle off-roader on an empty field.

The rider in the video comes speeding with the Thar and flicks the steering towards the right side. Now, during this attempt, what happens is that the SUV does not turn as intended and goes into a small ditch filled with water. Soon after this, it crashes into a small yet stout tree in the middle of the field. The crash then results in the aftermath shown at the beginning of this video.

Mahindra Thar drifting stunt goes wrong: Here’s the result [Video]

What Went Wrong?

Now, from the video, we can see that this drift attempt went horribly wrong. However, some people will wonder what exactly went wrong during this drift attempt. Well, to answer this, the first thing that we can note is that the choice of vehicle for the drift was very wrong. In general, SUVs have a very high center of gravity, which makes them very easy to lose balance and prone to toppling. The best drifts are performed in sedans with a low center of gravity and mass.

Next up, the other mistake was the choice of location for the drift. In the video, it can be noted that the person attempted this drift on an uneven surface of land. Now, in theory, although the green grass on the land should have helped in the drifting, the vehicle had to contend with dirt and ditches with mud. The SUV in the video can be seen getting into a ditch, which eventually stopped the drift and made it crash into the tree.

Mahindra Thar drifting stunt goes wrong: Here’s the result [Video]

Now, had there been a bigger space and the place would have been even, this drift attempt would not have failed. However, because of all the above-mentioned reasons, this Mahindra Thar could not perform a perfect drift and instead ended up with a crash.

Aftermath of the Accident

From the video’s first picture, it can be noted that the SUV suffered severe damage. The entire custom Jeep-style bumper got wrecked and crumbled. The front grille has also suffered substantial damage as well. Most likely, the radiator of this Mahindra Thar has also suffered huge damage and will likely need to be replaced. However, thankfully, the driver did not endure any injury and was seen laughing at this costly mistake.