Mahindra Thar driver loses control crashes into biker: Woman pedestrian narrowly escapes [Video]

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No matter how much a person is driving safely on the road, they can still become a part of an accident because of someone else’s fault. Most recently, an unsuspecting biker unfortunately got into a horrific accident because of a female driver who lost control of her Mahindra Thar. Recently, a video showing the footage of this bone-chilling accident has been shared online. It shows how one female passerby got saved by a small margin, and the biker got into the accident by a small margin.

Accident sequence

The video of this frightening accident has been shared on YouTube by Media One TV Live on their channel. The video, which is CCTV footage of the accident, shows the entire sequence of this accident. In the beginning, it looks like a normal inclined road where vehicles are coming from both directions and are at decent speeds. Soon after this, a woman is seen arriving from the right side in the video where she is walking on the left side of the road.

Just after she crosses the main gate of a house on the side of the road, she can be seen turning back abruptly and facing horror. She immediately runs inside the main gate, dodging an uncontrolled Mahindra Thar SUV. This SUV, finished in grey, appears into the frame where it can be noted that it is uncontrolled. Just after the woman manages to escape, the Mahindra Thar fully turns towards the other side of the road and gets crashed into a wall.

However, in the process, the Thar manages to hit an unsuspecting biker coming from the opposite lane. Unfortunately, this rider gets severely hurt by the Thar, and his bike gets crushed between the wall and the Thar. The person can also be noted stuck underneath the debris of the wall. Soon after this, a man from the left seat of the Mahindra Thar comes out and tries to rescue the bike rider. Also, passersby on the road also come for his help and they pick him up and bring him out of the debris and lay him on the side of the road.

Who was behind the wheel of the Thar?

Mahindra Thar driver loses control crashes into biker: Woman pedestrian narrowly escapes [Video]

As per the media reports, the driver behind the steering wheel of the uncontrolled Mahindra Thar was a lady. However, the police reports mention the driver as “unknown.” Additional reports have stated that the local people are claiming that the woman driver of this particular Mahindra Thar is a relative of a police officer. And it is for this reason that the police report has mentioned the driver as “unknown.” Now, at the moment, this claim cannot be confirmed as no independent source has stated the same.

Important note on helping injured people during such accidents

Mahindra Thar driver loses control crashes into biker: Woman pedestrian narrowly escapes [Video]

In the video, it can be noted that a lot of passersby, along with a person from the Thar, rescue the man hurt by the SUV. They were seen pulling this person out of the debris. Now, from an overview, it may seem like a noble thing to do and help such an injured person. However, it might not be as helpful as we may think. This attempt to help can make the injuries worse.

It may seem very counterintuitive for a person to just stand and not help a person who is badly hurt. However, the best thing to do is to wait for an ambulance, as attempting to rescue by oneself can cause further irreversible damage. This has to be taken mainly into consideration when a person’s spine and neck have been hurt. This is because one wrong move during rescue could alter things for the worst.