Mahindra Thar, Fortuner, Endeavour, Land Rover Defender & Maruti Gypsy attempt steep off road climb [Video]

Off-roading is an adventure activity where SUV drivers take their vehicle to spots that is not accessible by regular cars. Most of the time, in such activities, there are no roads and the the group who is exploring the area has to find a way around. Lately there have been many SUV owners group in the country that have been organising off-road events so that SUV owners can explore the capabilities of their vehicle. We have seen many such videos online and here we have a video where Mahindra Thar, Fortuner, Land Rover Defender, Endeavour and Maruti Gypsy go off-road.

The video has been uploaded by Anshuman Bishnoi on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger and group of SUV owners are exploring an off-road section. They come across a steep slope where the surface was loose mud. The SUV owners have been trying to climb up the section but, as they are about to reach the top, the track becomes tricky and the vehicles loose momentum. First generation Toyota Fortuner was the first SUV to attempt the climb. The SUV starts climbing the section with momentum and as it was about to reach the top, the surface becomes uneven and the SUV looses control and get stuck.

The tyres had lost traction and the Fortuner was not moving forward. The driver attempted the climb several times and finally took other track which was much easier to climb. Maruti Gyspy was the next SUV. Just like Fortuner, Gypsy also faced difficulties while climbing up. As it is a light SUV, Gypsy was being thrown around while it hit the uneven section. Maruti Gypsy could also not climb up the slope.

After Gypsy, the current generation Mahindra Thar started climbing up. The SUV managed to maintain momentum till it reached the top. Just before clearing the obstacle, there was an area where the SUV got beached. The front wheels were suspended in the air and were not moving forward or in reverse. It was later recovered using an electric winch installed on Fortuner. Mahindra Thar did many attempts after that but, none of them were a success.

Mahindra Thar, Fortuner, Endeavour, Land Rover Defender & Maruti Gypsy attempt steep off road climb [Video]

After this, the Ford Endeavour attempted to climb and the big and burly SUV cleared the track. It created a track but was still not able to climb up. The first generation Fortuner once again attempted the climb and this time, it successfully made its way up. After Fortuner, Mahindra Thar both current and old generation, Isuzu D-Max V-Cross, Ford Endeavour and almost every SUV climbed up. Current generation Land Rover Defender was also a vehicle in this group and it could not climb up the slope and got stuck. The wheels were loosig traction and the Defender being a wide vehicle was having difficulties in finding it way through the narrow track.

After this slope, the group attempted many other obstacles in the area and some of the vehicles were clearing it while some were finding difficulties. As off-roading involves a bit of risk like getting the vehicle stuck, breaking down or even getting the vehicle toppled, it is always recommended to travel for such activities in group. This is recommended so that in case a vehicle gets in trouble, there are other vehicles or drivers to help. One should also carry recovery equipment to get the vehicle out from tricky situations.