Mahindra Thar Hulk custom-built by DC2 is an eye-popper

DC Design, which is now called DC2 is a well-known brand when it comes to the modification world. DC2 has released a modification project based on the all-new Mahindra Thar. It is called the Thar Hulk and looks very different and unique. DC2 has released a video showing the new project and here are the details.

DC2 has done extensive modifications to the all-new Thar. It gets a slew of new electronic components and a body kit that makes it look much more muscular and attractive. The name Hulk comes from the Marvel superhero.

The new Mahindra Thar Hulk gets a rugged exterior job. The video released by DC2 shows that the vehicle now gets massive fenders on the wheel arches. Also, the vehicle now gets new body panels as well. DC2 have designed ned headlamps for the vehicle. The triple-beam all-LED headlamps do look very interesting.

The overall design of the Thar to Hulk will give you glimpses of the design language of the previous-generation Thar modification job done by DC. The modification garage has really worked to add the bulk with customised body kits to the vehicle.

DC2 has completely redesigned the grille, has added a new bonnet and has new creases on the body for improved aerodynamics. Also, the vehicle gets an electronically retractable sidestep, which can be used to get in or out of the vehicle. DC2 video also shows a hardtop.

Changes to the cabin as well

DC2’s expertise lies in converting regular cars into lounges. They have done the same to many cars in the past. With the Thar, DC2 has completely changed the cabin. The whole interior now gets a bright red theme. The same theme is everywhere including the leather upholstery, dashboard and even the seats.

The cabin design is now sportier and there are two-bucket seats as well. We are not sure what did they do to the rear seats of the Thar. We believe that the customisation garage will modify the vehicle and the cabin as per the needs of the customers. So if a customer is looking for a lounge seat in Thar, DC2 will do modifications to fit that in the vehicle.

DC2 is yet to reveal the exact details about the vehicle and the modification job. Also, we are not sure about the price of this modification job. As modification jobs can vary from car to car, DC2 has not revealed the amount. Be rest assured that such modifications can run to lakhs of rupees.