Mahindra Thar ‘Mafia’ modified: Looks clean [Video]

Since its launch, the lifestyle off-roader Thar from the country’s largest utility vehicle manufacturer Mahindra has garnered a cult following and has made buyers relentless in India. The SUV saw long wait lines and despite this, its popularity did not fade away. The SUV also gained a ton of affection from off-road and modification lovers of the country and to date, we have seen numerous modified Thars on the roads of India. Recently another modified Thar’s video was shared online.

The video of this cleanly modified Mahindra Thar was shared by Vig Auto Accessories on their YouTube channel. The video begins with some amazing beauty shots of the SUV and shows the modified Thar from all the angles. The b-roll footage also showed the before of the vehicle as well. Following the shots, the presenter then starts the intordcution of this newly modified Thar. He starts off by saying that the client to whom this car belongs saw one of his previous YouTube videos on the Thar which was named the Mafia Edition 2.0 and decided that he wanted the same for his SUV so he came to deliver the car to him.

The presenter then stated they have not changed any bumper or have added any aftermarket alloy wheel yet have made the car look different. He starts off by showing the side profile of the car and explains that they have painted all the side mouldings and side steps of the stock Thar in high gloss black which from the factory come in matte grey finish. He then adds that instead of changing the ally wheels they have also painted them in high gloss black and have painted the brake calipers in red as well. He further stated that they have also painter the Thar element of on the wheels in red color as well.

Mahindra Thar ‘Mafia’ modified: Looks clean [Video]

Moving he then shows the hard top of the Mahindra Thar in the video and tells that the part from the company comes in the same matte grey rough finish. However to make it look apart from other Thars they have also painted the roof in high gloss black. He then states that at the front of the SUV they have also added an aftermarket grille along with Jeep Wrangler styled LED headlamps that also come with DRLs and indicators. He adds that the front bumper has also been painted gloss black. Additionally he points out at the side mirrors finished in gloss black with red Thar logo as well.

The presenter then opens up the driver side door to reveal the customized interior of the SUV. He points out that the entire doors have been wrapped in leather and the elements of the doors have been hydro dipped in sparkling black and cherry red color. He further tells that the seat covers have also been completely changed with black and red leather ones and also they have added a leather wrapped armrest at the center and rear of the SUVs interior as well. The presenter also showcases the intricate work of hydro dipping surrounds of the instrument cluster, infotainment system, speakers and gear levers as well. At the end the presenter introduces the owner of the Thar and asks for review to which the owner replies that he loves the car and how it came out and thanks the presenter.

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