Watch New Mahindra Thar, Scorpio & Maruti Gypsy go off-roading

Although Indians love SUV, only a small portion of buyers actually own a 4×4 and even less people take their SUVs off-road. Off-roading is adventure sport which is still trying to find its grip. In western countries, off-roading is quite popular and several videos of the same are available online. Here in India, there are SUV owners groups in different parts of the country who organise off-road trips. Here we have one such video where the new and the old generation Mahindra Thar, Maruti Gypsy, Mahindra Scorpio are seen doing off-roading.

The video has been uploaded by Small Town Rider on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger explains what the group has planned for the day and then takes the SUV to an off-road location. He first picks up his friend and drives to the meeting point. There were almost 10 SUVs at the spot and once everyone had arrived, they start driving the SUVs to the location.

Vlogger was driving his Maruti Gypsy and there was one Mahindra Scorpio in the group as well. It looks like the Scorpio seen in the video is the 2WD version. After driving for some time, the group reaches a river bed with sand and small rocks. The group starts driving the SUVs on the track that was made by some other vehicle in the past. Vlogger drove his Maruti Gypsy into the track without realising the depth.

As soon as the SUV entered the track, the SUV got beached. Vlogger tried driving the SUV back but, it was royally stuck. The Maruti Gyspy was then recovered by an old generation Mahindra Thar. After recovering the Gypsy, group continued driving through the off-road tracks and soon they came to a very steep and rocky section. All the SUVs, including the 2WD Mahindra Scorpio cleared the section without any major problems.

The current generation Mahindra Thar that was in group were performing well. Some of them had aftermarket tyres and alloy wheels while some of them were stock. All the SUVs cleared the obstacles without getting stuck even once. Mahindra Scorpio was also performing pretty well. It cleared all the obstacles but, got stuck at one place. Mahindra Scorpio driver was careful and was carrying momentum while entering the obstacles. This helped him get out of all the spots. At one spot however, the rear wheels lost traction and the SUV got stuck in loose sand. The Scorpio was also recovered by a Mahindra Thar.

Watch New Mahindra Thar, Scorpio & Maruti Gypsy go off-roading

Driving a 2WD SUV off-road is something that we don’t recommend. The owner was however driving in a group which meant, even if the SUV gets stuck at some point, there are back up and recovery vehicles that can pull it out. There are somethings that must be kept in mind while going off-road. Never go off-roading alone. Always go with a person who knows the track and has experience in off-roading. In this video, the group took a local who was aware about the track that they were exploring. Always carry recovery equipment as you you never know when you might need it.