Mahindra Thar modified into a 4 door off roader [Video]

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Mahindra Thar is the most modified vehicle or car in India. Every Thar that is currently there on road will have some sort of modification done to it. The modifications could start from simply putting alloy wheels to a complete remap of the exterior and interiors. This time around we have a Thar that gets an extensive modification job on it. The 2-door Thar has been converted completely to be a four door SUV. The video has been uploaded by Dayakaran vlogs on their youtube channel which explains the work done on this Mahindra Thar.

The video starts by showing the exteriors of the SUV. It looks very unique and gets an orange and black gloss paint finish. The modifications start right from the headlights which are LEDs now. The front grille gets a transformers movie inspired design at the front with a redesigned bumper. The bumper houses LED fog lamps and the electronic winch. The fenders have been redesigned too to accommodate the new 17 inch fat tyres. The fender also gets a LED strip which acts as turn indicator.

Coming to the side profile of the car, you notice that it is now missing those big doors and looks at bit longer than normal Thar. That is because the modification house has used the body of an old Mahindra MM550. The car now gets 4 door and gets very comfortable electronically adjustable seats that are taken from Skoda Superb.

Mahindra Thar modified into a 4 door off roader [Video]

Coming to the rear, The flared wheel arch houses the huge alloy wheel and the rear buper which is redesigned gets LED tail lights, reverse lamp and turn indicators. The huge spare tyre is also mounted at the rear. The Jeep is a open roof type one and gets roll cage installed on it. The engine of this Thar has also been changed. It now gets an imported 3.1 L engine that is mated to an automatic instead of manual gearbox. It continues to offer 4×4 with low ratio gearbox. This Thar has been modified by a custom house in Punjab and it took them around 4 months to complete this project according to the video.

Mahindra is working on an all-new Thar, which is almost launch ready. The 2nd generation Thar is likely to be launched at the 2020 Indian Auto Expo. It’ll be offered with a 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine, 4X4, cruise control and a factory fitted hard top option.