Modified Mahindra Thar is ready for overlanding expeditions

Mahindra Thar is one of the most modified vehicles in India. People often modify it according to their own tastes. Some people modify it for proper off-roading while others modify it for urban use and so on. Here, we have an interesting modification done by an owner of Thar. He has opted for an overlanding setup for his Thar.

The video is uploaded by Abhinav Bhatt on his YouTube channel and he takes us for a walkaround of the SUV. The modifications are done by Classic Service Point, Noida. The modification took just 15 days. The roof rack and the accessories on the top cost around Rs. 1.5 lakhs alone.

There is a roof rack installed on top of the stock hard top of the Thar. The roof rack is full-body mounted. So, it is mounted in the front fender, near the rear window, on the B-pillar and then directly into the chassis in the rear. So, the roof rack is held securely and it won’t shake or rattle. The roof rack also has an anti-scratch coating so that the rack is not damaged by scratches. Climbing up the rack is also fairly easy because it comes with footsteps that can be opened and can be used to climb up.

Modified Mahindra Thar is ready for overlanding expeditions

The rack has a payload capacity of 200 kgs. There are four jerry cans on the roof rack. Two of them are for diesel which has a capacity of 5 litres each and it has two water tanks with a capacity of 20 kgs each. There is also a showel and two sand ladders securely placed on top of the jerry cans.

After keeping all this stuff still, there is enough space for an overlanding tent which is currently not placed or you can use that space to keep your stuff because Thar does not really have a big boot. What is interesting is there is a water pump mounted near the jerry can. The water pump is connected to the water tanks and there is piping till the rear door. There is a switch placed on the tailgate which can be used to turn on the water pump. In the tailgate, there is also a tray placed which can be used to cook.

The rear seats are also modified. The stock seats would fold down but the modified seats can be lifted up. So, it makes a lot more room for your luggage. There are also lights mounted all around the roof racks. They are dual-purpose lights so they can turn white and yellow. Limb risers are also installed to protect the windshield from branches and trees as while off-roading and overlanding the trees can easily break the windshield.

Most of the equipment that has been used to modify the Thar is designed in-house by Classic Service Point. The interior has not been changed by the shop because the owner wanted to modify the SUV as an overlander.