Mahindra Thar modified to “Mafia Edition” – Looks Hot!

The Mahindra Thar lifestyle off-roader has taken the entire nation by storm. Its popularity has reached heights that not many other cars have been able to achieve in the country. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the ability that it provides the owners to customize it. Recently, a video of one of the most highly modified Mahindra Thars has surfaced on the internet, and the creator of this particular Thar calls it the “Mafia Edition”.

The video of the Thar “Mafia Edition” has been shared on YouTube by Vig Auto Accessories on their channel. The video starts with the owner of the shop hopping out of the Thar after a sequence of beauty shots from all angles. The presenter, after the introduction, starts at the front of the car and begins listing off the modifications done by them to make this the “Mafia Edition”.

He states that they have changed the stock grille at the front to a Jeep Wrangler-style 7-slot grille with a red accent. They have also added custom all-LED headlamps and have painted the front bumper and fenders in gloss black, which, from the factory, comes in a raw finish. He also states that they have added an underbody kit with a red accented skid plate. Additionally, it can be noted that the fog lamp surrounds have also been painted red.

Following this, the presenter shows the side profile of the car and mentions that they have painted both the front and rear fenders, as well as the footsteps, in high gloss black. He then shows the high gloss painted 18-inch factory alloy wheels with red accents and red painted calipers. The presenter further states that they have added red color to the Thar lettering on the wing mirrors, along with a windshield guard. After the side profile, the presenter shows the rear end of the car and tells that they have also added a set of new LED taillamps, along with the painted rear bumper and a spare wheel cover.

Mahindra Thar modified to “Mafia Edition” – Looks Hot!

Moving on, the presenter then shows the biggest highlight of this entire build, which is the interior of this Thar. He starts by opening the rear window of the car and mentions that the entire interior of the car has been reupholstered with beige leatherette material. He states that each and every panel that has the beige material on it is leatherette and no panels have been painted. He then shows the door panel of the car, which has also been wrapped in the same dual-tone leatherette material along with sand-colored accents.

The presenter also shows the dual-tone seat covers, finished in beige and sand colors, along with matching floor mats. Following this, he shows the custom infinity steering wheel wrapped in leather. After that, he mentions that they have also added a custom music system in the SUV comprising of a Sony ES Series 5-channel amplifier, ES series components and tweeters, and a huge Sony woofer as well. He stated that the owner of the car trusted him with the build, and he could have spent a lot more, but he wanted to provide his client with the best without taking extra money for unnecessary stuff. At the end, he introduces the owner of the car and asks for feedback, to which the owner replied that he loved the job and had trusted him with his car, and the result is above his expectation.



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