Mahindra Thar modified with 20-inch alloy wheels looks impressive

Mahindra Thar is selling like hotcakes in the Indian market. It is currently the most popular 4×4 SUV in our country and is an incredible success for Mahindra. People have been modifying Thars since it was first launched and this stays true for the new-gen Thar too. Here, we have a Thar which has been fitted with 20-inch alloy wheels and other modifications too.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by Autostyle Bangalore. The modifications have also been done by Autostyle Bangalore. There are a lot of cosmetic and practical modifications done to the SUV. There are no mechanical upgrades done to this Thar.

Mahindra Thar modified with 20-inch alloy wheels looks impressive

The most obvious upgrade that steals the attention is the massive 20-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels. These are sourced from Fuel. The new alloy wheels are wrapped in BG Goodrich tyres. The front bumper has been taken upgraded with a metal one. These bumpers are better for off-roading as they can take a beating from bushes and branches. There are two hooks finished in bright red and there is also a winch installed on the bumper. There are also fog lamps installed which come with LED units.

The stock headlamps have been replaced with LED ones. The new headlamps are sourced from Hola and also come with LED Daytime Running Lamps. It also has Maddog alpha lights for additional visibility. These will come in handy when the owner is off-roading. The rear reflectors have been replaced with LED units to warn the rear traffic.

Mahindra Thar modified with 20-inch alloy wheels looks impressive

There are modifications to the interior also. The seats are finished in white and black and they are covered in Nappa Leather. The shop has also installed a front and rear armrest. There is also a Magician Tech Meter installed which is basically a small digital instrument cluster. The user interface of the Tech Meter resembles a lot to the previous-gen Audi’s Virtual Cockpit that they offered on their RS cars.

Other modifications include sun film which will not let the interior heat up if the SUV is parked in direct sunlight. The speakers have also been upgraded and are sourced from Infinity. The modification shop has also installed additional damping to iron out road noise.

Mahindra Thar modified with 20-inch alloy wheels looks impressive

Additional grab handles have been installed that so that the occupants can hold them while getting in or getting out of the SUV. They can also come in handy for the passenger while the SUV is off-roading. Underbody protection has been installed so that the underbody of the SUV is not harmed when it goes off-roading. There is also an auto window model installed so now the windows roll up and down at a touch of a single button press. There is also a rearview camera which helps in parking the SUV. Other modifications include 7d mats, trunk organizer and hinge climbers.

The cost of the modifications has not been specified by Autostyle Bangalore. If you are interested in knowing the prices of these modifications then you can contact Autostyle at 9845004858.

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