It’s official; Next-Gen Mahindra Thar in the works: Everything we know so far

Here is some exciting news for all off-road enthusiasts. A brand new Mahindra Thar is in the works. With the introduction of BNVSAP (Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assesment Program), the current Thar will need a major overhaul to survive in the market. Mahindra has confirmed the all-new Thar and here is all we know so far.

Why all-new Thar?

It’s official; Next-Gen Mahindra Thar in the works: Everything we know so far

The BNVSAP will make sure that the new vehicles are much safer than the current breed of automobiles in the market. The rules say that from October 2020, all the vehicles will need to provide driver-side airbags, ABS as standard.

Along with that, all the cars will come under through a crash test just like Global NCAP crash test to see the rigidity of the structure and working of the crumple zones. Apart from these, other safety equipment like speed warning device, seat-belt reminder and rear parking sensors will be mandatory in the vehicles.

So, what will be new?

It’s official; Next-Gen Mahindra Thar in the works: Everything we know so far

The introduction of standard airbags and improved crumple zones will mean a lot of things will need to be changed. The new Thar will also incorporate a new design for the body-on-frame architecture, but the body will now include crumple zones in the structure. Crumple zones are parts of a body that absorb the impact when involved in an accident.

The new Thar will also miss out of the heavy duty metal bumper and will get a plastic bumper with sensors in them to trigger the airbag. This body itself may retain the current silhouette but parts like headlamps may receive an upgrade to show the modernity of the vehicle.

Keeping up with the safety rules, the new Thar will also get airbag, ABS, rear parking sensor and seat belt reminder. ABS can become a problem while doing serious off-roading. Mahindra may look for a way around this and provide switchable ABS in the new Thar, but we are not so sure of the feature.

Anything new on the inside?

Mahindra is currently working on a lot of new features like wireless mobile charging, memory seats, new infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, assistive driving. The all-new Thar may get very selective updates due to the complexity of such equipment. The electric devices make the system more complicated, and that will restrict a lot of off-road capability. Off-road vehicles move around a lot and are shaken to the core, a slight change in the wiring may cause systems to malfunction.

What will power the new Thar?

It’s official; Next-Gen Mahindra Thar in the works: Everything we know so far

The current Thar draws power from a 2.5-litre CRDe engine that develops a maximum of 105 BHP and 247 Nm of torque. Mahindra also offers 2.5-litre DI engine that produces a maximum of 63 BHP and 195 Nm of torque. The new emission norms may just kill the engines. As per speculations, the new Thar may get the 1.5-litre twin-scroll diesel engine that also powers the TUV 300.

The small diesel engine comes in two states of tunes, 84 BHP-230 Nm and 100 BHP-240 Nm. Mahindra is also working with its South Korean acquisition, SsangYong, to develop new-generation petrol engines. Currently, the company is developing 1.2-litre, 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre petrol engines. The all-new Thar may get the 1.5-litre petrol engine with the model update.

What changes do we want?

The current Thar majorly faces two problems that stop it from becoming a daily drivable car. The brakes of the Thar are very grabby, which can be rectified when Mahindra develops the new brakes of the Thar to include the ABS. The second problem with the Thar is the bouncy ride. To improve the ride quality, Mahindra may include new coil springs that will make the ride less bouncy and more comfortable.

Source: AutoCar