Mahindra Thar overtake on blind curve causes head-on crash [Video]

Road accidents in India are unfortunately quite common, and as we’ve mentioned multiple times before, they are often a result of the lack of road etiquette and ignorance of traffic laws. Here’s an accident that was captured on CCTV, illustrating the negligence of road users in India. This incident took place in Kerala.

The CCTV camera installed on a blind curve captures a relatively empty road. Most roads in Kerala are single lanes, much like the one seen in this video. The footage shows a Mahindra Thar attempting to overtake a Maruti Suzuki Swift from the right lane. However, the Thar driver failed to notice an approaching Mahindra Bolero from the opposite direction.

As the Thar driver couldn’t maneuver to avoid the Mahindra Bolero, a head-on collision occurred between the two vehicles. Subsequently, the Thar veered into the path of the Maruti Suzuki Swift, resulting in a collision with the rear of the SUV.

Mahindra Thar overtake on blind curve causes head-on crash [Video]

This incident on the blind curve involved three vehicles, but fortunately, no one sustained any serious injuries. The occupants were taken to a local hospital for a checkup and received first aid.

In addition to the improper lane change, other factors such as wet road conditions, a downhill slope, and the high speed of the Mahindra Thar contributed to the accident. It could have been easily avoided if the Thar had stayed in its lane.

It’s important to note that crossing a solid white line is illegal and can result in a substantial fine. However, there are still many individuals who make such dangerous maneuvers.

Overtaking on blind corners

Overtaking on blind corners is strictly prohibited. Regardless of how empty the roads may appear, overtaking on blind corners is never advisable. When attempting to overtake on a blind corner, it is crucial to ensure you have a clear view of the road ahead and carefully check for any oncoming traffic. Safety should always be the top priority when driving, and following traffic rules and regulations is essential to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of all road users.

Road users should know how to overtake properly. Most vehicle owners and drivers do not know the rules and pin the blame on the others. One should be extremely careful while driving, especially on the undivided lanes. While no fatalities were reported from this accident, it definitely could have been worse.

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