Mahindra Thar owner installs aftermarket CNG kit in the SUV, shares his experience [Video]

Mahindra Thar is an SUV which has huge fan following in Inidia. Two years after the launch, the Thar still has a long waiting period. It is available with both petrol and diesel engine options and Mahindra is offering both these engines with a manual and an automatic transmission. We have seen a variety of videos of Mahindra Thar off-roading and modification. Here we have a Mahindra Thar with a modification that a regular Thar owner would not usually dare to do. The owner shares his experience with a Mahindra Thar petrol manual after installing an aftermarket CNG kit in it.

The video has been uploaded by Harshit Noida se on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks to the owner of the Mahindra Thar in which the CNG has been installed. He talks about the reason why he ended installing the CNG and also the experience with the vehicle after installing the kit. The owner of the Mahindra Thar mentioned that he had bought the Thar an year ago and he opted for the petrol version because of the 10 year rule in Delhi NCR region. He also mentioned that he took the car out for many road trips and the main problem he faced with the petrol Thar was the fuel efficiency.

Mahindra Thar is an expensive car to run. He was only getting around fuel economy of 10 kmpl at that time. He mentions that the overall cost of every trip was going up due to the fuel prices. After some time, the usage of Thar came down and that is when his father suggested installing CNG kit in the car. He enquired about CNG kits for Mahindra Thar online and got in touch with many workshops who install it. When he could not find a proper set up for Mahindra Thar, his father only arranged a kit which was used in some other vehicle.

Mahindra Thar owner installs aftermarket CNG kit in the SUV, shares his experience [Video]

They installed the CNG kit in the car for trial and have been using it without any problem for the last one month. The owner mentions that he was not all interested in getting CNG kit installed in the car as it limits the overall performance but, it does help him in bringing the running cost down. He mentions that he has been using the kit for last one month and he feels that the running cost has come down from Rs 10 to Rs 5 per kilometer. He mentions that this is not the final set up. They are still testing the CNG kit and so far, they have not found any problem with the car.

The vlogger then sits on the driver seat and drives the car around to see the performance. He mentions that the power delivery has been a lot more linear and is less aggressive. He could not feel any lag while driving the car and the owner mentions that, it is currently apt for city driving conditions and when you need to go off-road, there is always an option to go back to petrol.

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