Roof collapses on Mahindra Thar; Owner thanks build quality

mahindra thar house roof collapse

The all-new Mahindra Thar became the four-star rated SUV – a first for an off-roader. The owner of a Mahindra Thar shared pictures of his vehicle after the roof collapsed on the vehicle. The vehicle was buried under the rubble of his garage roof. Here is what the owner – Rattan Dhillon has to say.

The owner appreciated the car’s build quality and shared the experience of the incident on Twitter. He said that the roof suddenly collapsed and four people worked for several hours to unearth the Thar. He further says that the Thar hardtop came out unscathed and weathered the onslaught of the falling bricks and girders.

Dhillon also said that he was surprised how the Thar’s engine and bonnet took the impact. The vehicle started on the first crank without any hiccups. He further said that he does not believe that any other vehicle would be able to weather through the situation so well.

I entrust my life to my Mahindra Thar. During an unexpected event, our garage roof collapsed onto the Thar late at night Last year. The cleanup, involving four workers, spanned an entire day, revealing that the Thar’s hardtop had bravely weathered the onslaught of bricks and girders, emerging unscathed. Remarkably, the engine bonnet stood strong, absorbing the impact and allowing the Thar to start effortlessly on the first try. I bet if any car in the world could handle this situation. This incident solidified my unwavering confidence in the Thar’s resilience, making it my vehicle of choice for daily journeys and long road trips. Witnessing its endurance in such a situation I can trust this vehicle; in case of an accident, I am confident it wouldn’t harm the passengers inside. I am committed to driving this vehicle throughout my entire lifetime, no matter what

The owner then thanked Anand Mahindra for the rough and tough vehicle.

2020 Mahindra Thar scored 4 stars

Roof collapses on Mahindra Thar; Owner thanks build quality

The brand new 2020 Mahindra Thar, the second generation of its kind, recently underwent a crash test by Global NCAP. In the test, the 2020 Thar received a 4-star rating. The vehicle, equipped with twin airbags, ABS, and ESP, had a ‘stable’ body structure according to the crash test. However, it was observed that the footwell of the Thar wasn’t stable enough to handle additional pressure. The crash test was done at a speed of 64 Kmph.

The 2020 Mahindra Thar that was tested had electronic stability control (ESC). Even though it met the basic regulatory requirements, Global NCAP noticed that the Thar exhibited some unstable behavior during the test. Global NCAP suggests that Mahindra should look into and improve the dynamic behavior of the Thar. On a positive note, the Thar also passed the side impact crash test.

In 2020, the Mahindra Thar got a major makeover, both inside and out. It became more modern with features like power windows, a multifunctional steering wheel, cruise control, touchscreen infotainment, 18-inch alloy wheels, and more.