Mahindra Thar owners get Ferrero Rocher chocolate boxes as waiting period increases

Mahindra launched the all-new Thar last month and since then, it has received an overwhelming response. The number of bookings seems to have exceeded the expectation of Mahindra and the brand is currently working on the deliveries of the vehicle. Even though Mahindra announced a grand delivery update earlier this week and as many as 500 units of the Thar were delivered across India, the number is quite small compared to the 21,000 bookings as claimed by the brand. Well, now Mahindra has started sending out chocolate boxes to the customers who have booked the all-new Thar and are waiting to get the delivery.

Showing gratitude to the customers who have booked the all-new Thar, Mahindra is sending Ferraro Rocher premium chocolates to the customers with a note saying that the delivery time is much longer than expected due to various reasons. While the note does not mention the exact waiting period of the Thar, it does say that “Mahindra is committed towards the delivery of the all-new Thar at the earliest.”

It should be noted that dealerships are giving a waiting period of up to 36 weeks depending on the location and variants officially. However, unofficially, many customers who have booked the vehicle have mentioned that the dealerships have told them that the vehicle can be delivered only next year in around March.

Mahindra dealerships across India have also stopped taking bookings for the base variant of the Thar due to high demand. The base variant priced at Rs 9.8 lakh is no more available. The most affordable variant that is on sale is for Rs 11.9 lakh. It is not known if the bookings will open in the future. Several customers have shared the pictures of the Ferraro Rocher chocolates that they have received through the mail.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Mahindra is in such a situation. Back in 2012, when Mahindra launched the all-new XUV500, an overwhelming response to the vehicle caused the waiting period to shoot up to several months. Mahindra stopped taking any bookings and started this unique lottery system to ensure that they only take limited bookings. Around 7,500 Mahindra XUV500 owners were chosen through the lottery system. There is no such plan or announcement from Mahindra to do the same with the all-new Thar yet.

The current production of the Mahindra Thar is around 2,000 units per month. However, Mahindra is working to ramp up the production to meet the demand. In 2021, the all-new Mahindra Thar’s production is planned to increase to about 3,000 units per month.

It is likely that Mahindra did not expect such a response from the market for the all-new Thar. The last-generation model was merely doing a few hundred units every month and was considered as a niche product. However, with an all-new platform, all-new engine options and transmission options, the all-new Thar has attracted a large segment of customers and there are many who would love to own one. The all-new Thar is much more comfortable, fun to drive and gets an automatic transmission, which appeals a wider customer base.