Mahindra Thar Petrol owner shares experience with SUV after 30,000 km [video]

Ever since its launch in 2020, Mahindra Thar is a popular 4×4 SUV in the market. It still has long waiting period and comes with decent amount of features. Thar is a capable off-roader and we have seen several videos of the same. The new Thar is now a commonly seen SUV on our roads and here we have a video, where a Mahindra Thar owner shares his experience with SUV after driving it for over 30,000 km.

The video has been uploaded by Kishore Vlogs on his YouTube channel. In this video, the owner talks about things he liked and did not like about the Mahindta Thar after driving it over 30,000 km. The owner mentions that he got his Thar in January 2021 and it is the top-end LX hard top variant. He has been driving the SUV on  daily basis to his farm and so far he has not faced any major problems with the SUV. He mentions that the car he is using is a petrol variant and it is extremely smooth and has enough power for both road and off-road conditions.

He uses the Mahindra Thar to commute to his farm and this means driving through uneven, broken or dirt roads. It has never felt out of place and has managed to offer a comfortable ride to the occupants. The owner mentions that he is using the car in stock conditions. The All-terrain tyres are the same units that came from the factory and they still have decent amount of tread left on them. He has not installed any aftermarket accessory to change the look or enhance off-road ability of the car.

Mahindra Thar Petrol owner shares experience with SUV after 30,000 km

Kishore mentions that the engine on the petrol Thar is extremely smooth and it does not disappoint when it comes to power and performance. The car gets couple of accessories like cladding and rain visors from factory. As of now, he has not faced any major issues with the car or the servicing. Overall, he is very satisfied with the Thar. He also owns a diesel Fortuner and mentions that in comparison to a diesel SUV, his petrol Thar does not require the AdBlue which is an advantage. He has been getting arond 10-11 kmpl fuel economy which he feels is not bad for an SUV with a 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine.

He then starts talking about the things that he did not like in the Thar. He starts with the space. It is a 4-seater 2-door SUV but, there is no space for luggage in the boot. If there are 4 passengers travelling in the car, they will have no space to keep the luggage. If there are only 2 passengers including the driver. Then the rear seat can be used to keep luggage. He often carries supplies to his farm and has faced this issue. Next is the touchscreen infotainment system, It still has some glitch in it. The screen gets stuck at times or even restarts on its own. Mahindra has updated the software in the screen after the customer complained and it has improved but, the glitch appears some time. He also did not like the audio quality from the speakers that came from the factory. So he replaced them with aftermarket units.