Fans want Anand Mahindra to gift PV Sindhu another Thar: Here’s what Mr. Mahindra said

PV Sindhu created history by winning the bronze medal at the ongoing 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. She became the first-ever Indian woman to win two individual medals at the Olympics. The whole national congratulated her and so did Anand Mahindra, the bossman of Mahindra & Mahindra. Fans soon started asking Anand Mahindra to gift a Thar to PV Sindhu and here is what he said.

Anand Mahindra shared a picture of PV Sindhu riding on the previous-generation Mahindra Thar and replied to the fans saying that “She already has one in her garage”. Anand Mahindra who is known to gift new vehicles to achievers in sports and other fields has been doing the same for years now.

Anand Mahindra had gifted a Thar to Sindhu

Fans want Anand Mahindra to gift PV Sindhu another Thar: Here’s what Mr. Mahindra said

When PV Sindhu won the bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil, Anand Mahindra had announced that she will get the Thar as a gift. He also announced the Thar as a gift to Sakshi Malik, who also won a bronze medal in the same year.

He has been gifting cars to many youngsters for their achievement. After the India-Australia series win, Anand Mahindra announced six brand-new, all-new Thars as gifts to the debutants who played in the series. There were about six debutants who received the all-new Thar as a gift.

Mahindra may gift another car

As Mahindra is working to launch the all-new XUV700 in the Indian market, we may see him announcing the all-new vehicle as a gift to the new champions. The all-new Mahindra XUV700 will be revealed in the Indian market on around 15th August and the launch is expected to happen in the following weeks.

The all-new Mahindra XUV700 will come with some state-of-the-art technology and many segment-first features. The seven-seater will become the new flagship of the manufacturer. The all-new XUV700 will be positioned as a premium product from the brand and will offer a plethora of luxurious features.

However, the all-new Thar remains high in demand in the market and depending on the city and the variant you choose, you may have to wait for months and even more than a year.

The all-new Thar is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 150 Bhp and a peak torque of 320 Nm. The 2.2-litre diesel engines offer a maximum of 130 PS and a peak torque of 320 Nm. Both the engine options are available with a manual as well as an automatic transmission option.

The SUV is available with three rooftop options. There is a hardtop, a soft rooftop and a convertible soft top. The cabin also gets a slew of new additions like front-facing rear seats, a touchscreen infotainment system, ABS, airbags, and two airbags, cruise control, traction control, VSM and more. Mahindra Thar is the first off-road vehicle in India that has scored a 4-star safety rating.

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