Mercedes Benz SUV gets STUCK: Mahindra Thar to the rescue [Video]

Off-roading or dune bashing is actually a fun activity. It is slowly gaining popularity in the country and we have several groups who organise such tours with SUV owners. Certain level of risk is always involved in this activity if the it is not done under the supervision of an expert. Here we have one such video that shows how a Mercedes-Benz ML Class SUV was stuck in the dunes and was later rescued by a Mahindra Thar.

The video has been uploaded by Lokesh Swami on his Youtube channel. The vlogger and his friends were dune bashing in Rajasthan when they found a Mercedes-Benz ML Class luxury SUV stuck in the dunes. The Mercedes-Benz occupants were driving alone and were stranded in the dunes. The SUV was beached on the top of the dune. The driver tried several times but, it was all in vain.

The vlogger and his group offered them help. They tried pushing the car outside and finally realized that it is badly stuck in sand and the rear wheels did not have any traction. They then brought one of their Mahindra Thar’s and tied it with a rope and pulled it outside. The Mercedes-Benz is definitely a capable SUV but, there were certain that lead to such a situation.

Mercedes Benz SUV gets STUCK: Mahindra Thar to the rescue [Video]

The driver or the owner was not a local and was at this place for a weekend drive. He was totally unaware of the terrain and did not have any backup vehicle either. The first thing one should do while dune bashing is to reduce the tyre pressure. This increases the grip and the tyres do not sink in very easily. Another reason were the tyre. Mercedes was running on regular highway tyres which is not suitable for off-roading or dune bashing.

Mahindra Thar has a short wheelbase in comparison to the Mercedes-Benz ML Class. Although it is a capable SUV, the weight and the long wheelbase limits its capability because of less break over angle. Mercedes guy was in fact lucky that the vlogger and his group spotted him. If they would have not spotted him, they would have been left alone and then things would have got worse. That is why it is always recommended to go in groups while doing such activities.