Mahindra Thar rescues Range Rover Evoque stuck in sand

Dune bashing and off-roading activites are slowly gaining popularity in India. These days several videos from different parts of the country are surfacing on the internet showing SUVs being driven on off-road conditions. Most of the time SUV owners are taken to such off-road adventures by an experienced person who knows the terrain and has driven their before. He or she gives inputs to SUV owners so that they can explore full potential of their SUV. There is a possibility that the cars might get stuck but, that is actually part of the whole adventure. Here we have a video that shows a Range Rover Evoque getting stuck in the sand and Mahindra rescuing it.

The video has been uploaded by SHRI Vlogs on their youtube channel. The video starts by  showing an open ground filled with loose sand and dunes around it. The Range Rover Evoque is stuck in a sand and is unable to move forward or in reverse. Mahindra Thar is then brought to rescue the Evoque. A winch is attached to the rear of the SUV and the Thar started pulling it out. The Evoque was stuck badly and was not getting traction on any wheels as it was loose sand everywhere.

After a while, the Thar had started overheating and the driver turned it off and opened the bonnet to cool the SUV down. Once that was done, the SUV pulled the Evoque once again and this time, Evoque had smoothly come out of the sand. Range Rover Evoque is a proper SUV and gets AWD system. This helps it do fair bit of off-roading like other SUVs. Range Rover Evoque is a luxury compact SUV that competes with BMW X1, Audi Q3 in the segment.

Mahindra Thar rescues Range Rover Evoque stuck in sand

The main reason behind Evoque getting stuck at sand could be lack of experience. While driving on sand one must not make any sudden movements. The throttle input should be gentle so that the tyres do not dig into loose sand. In case, if you feel like the SUV will sink if you continue to accelerate, the best option is to put the car in reverse and then smoothly accelerating over the stretch, If the car has enough momentum, it can easily cross the section without too much drama.

Here, Evoque driver must have done the opposite. He would have continued accelerating when he thought the SUV was not going anywhere. The aggressive throttle input lead to wheelspin which in turn dug the tyres into sand. After the SUV was recovered, Evoque driver can be seen having fun once again. After recovering Evoque, Mahindra Thar went to recover a Maruti Gypsy that was stuck.

There are couple of things that you should keep in mind while going off-road or dune bashing. If you are going for such activities, always travel in a group. The main advantage of travelling in group is that, even if you get stuck or the car breaks down, you always have a back  up vehicle and are not stranded in the middle of nowhere. Always carry a tow rope in the boot for situations like these.