Thar gets stuck in river: Another Thar Rescues It [Video]

Mahindra Thar rescue mission

Off-roading vehicles like Mahindra Thar and Maruti Suzuki Jimny are built to take on difficult terrains. However, like everything, these adventure machines also have their limitations. And unknowingly, sometimes people push them to their absolute limit. Recently, showing how such vehicles can also get in trouble, a video has been shared online. Thankfully, the driver and the car both were saved. But this rescue will definitely help novice off-roaders understand the limits of their vehicles.

Mahindra Thar Rescue Mission

The video of this dangerous rescue mission of a Mahindra Thar has been shared on YouTube by Small Town Rider on the channel. In the beginning, the YouTuber, along with his group of friends, was doing random off-roading. However, in the later part of the video, they start off-roading on a river.

Thar gets stuck in river: Another Thar Rescues It [Video]

In the beginning, a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy was first seen driving in a muddy pit. The driver then took the Gypsy into deeper mud of the river. However, at this point, he gets stuck. The vehicle was then recovered with the help of another vehicle with a winch.

Soon after this, the Gypsy driver then drives it on a high-speed flowing river. During this time, a Mahindra Thar driver also takes his SUV into the river. However, this driver directly started driving into the river to cross it. It can be seen in the video that he even goes a decent distance.

But due to the river getting deeper and the flow of it increasing in speed, the Thar gets stuck in the middle of the river. The situation gets so worse that the driver came out of the vehicle and sat on the roof of it. During this time, the friends of this driver were coming up with the plan to rescue this vehicle.

How Did They Rescue This Thar?

Thar gets stuck in river: Another Thar Rescues It [Video]

After assessing the situation, the friends of the driver brought another Thar with a winch. However, for the winch to pull this Thar, it had to be attached to the bumper of the vehicle. And because the flow was so strong, it was becoming extremely hard to put the cable on the front bumper.

But after a while, a local young boy comes into the river and he helps with the attachment of the cable. It can be noted that even the young boy who could swim in the river was getting underneath the water. However, after a while, the young boy finally attached the cable to the bumper of the Thar.

What Happened Next?

Following this, the Thar was rescued with the help of the winch and the other Mahindra Thar. It was dragged out slowly so that the strap does not break while dragging it out. The presenter then shows that they open the bonnet to check for the water seepage.

It can be observed that the entire air filter and airbox were filled with water. Additionally, the water even entered the airbox pipe. Because of this, they did not start the vehicle as it could have seized the engine.

Thar gets stuck in river: Another Thar Rescues It [Video]

How to Avoid Such Situations?

These types of situations are easily avoidable. People should be mindful while going on off-road adventures. As mentioned, every vehicle has a limit, and this limit should not be tested. In this case, the flow of the river was very strong. And the Thar driver should not have gone inside the river so deeply. However, thankfully, he was saved in time.