Water-wading challenge gone wrong: Mahindra Thar gets stuck in lake [Video]

Mahindra Thar is one of the most popular 4×4 SUVs in the market. It was launched in 2020, and even now, there is a decent waiting period for this 3-door SUV. It is one of the most affordable 4×4 SUVs that one can buy in the country. As we write this article, Mahindra is currently working on a more practical 5-door version of Mahindra Thar, which is expected to be launched in the market later this year. We have come across several videos on the internet where Mahindra Thar has showcased its capabilities. Just like any other vehicle, Mahindra Thar is also not perfect, and here we have a video that proves just that.


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The video has been uploaded by an automobile memes Instagram page. In this short video that has now gone viral on the internet, we see a Mahindra Thar being driven directly into a lake. Mahindra Thar does have decent water-wading capacity, and we have seen it perform well in some previous videos. In this case, the Mahindra Thar driver was probably trying to cross the lake in his stock Mahindra Thar. The video has been recorded by a person sitting in the co-passenger seat.

The driver takes the SUV into the lake without any backup plans. Halfway into the lake, the Thar turns off. It looks like the driver did attempt to start the SUV; however, as the water was already over the bonnet and the exhausts were underwater, the car did not start. A few seconds after this, we hear the occupants panicking inside the cabin as the water had started seeping in. They quickly roll the windows down and climb out of the SUV.

Water-wading challenge gone wrong: Mahindra Thar gets stuck in lake [Video]
Mahindra Thar stuck in lake

The driver and the passenger both find shelter on the roof of the SUV. The SUV at this point is stranded in the middle of the lake or pond, and the video shows that the cabin is completely filled with water. The seats, gear lever, and even the controls for the AC were underwater. The problem, in this case, is that the driver was too confident about the capabilities of the vehicle. It should be noted that even a 4×4 SUV can get stuck if the driver is not using the right technique. In this case, we feel the driver had no idea how deep the lake actually is. He simply decided to drive the SUV into the water. The surface under the water might be sticky. It is also possible that the lake bed is rocky, and the SUV got stuck after hitting a big rock.

The SUV seen here is also a stock Mahindra Thar. The SUV does not even have a snorkel. If the SUV had a snorkel, the air intake would have been proper, and the driver might have had a chance to drive the car out of the lake. It also looks like the driver was alone in this adventure. There were no backup cars or SUVs to pull the Thar out in case it gets stuck. At the end of the video, we can see a tractor parked on the banks of the lake, which might have been called to actually pull the SUV out. We feel that the engine on this Mahindra Thar has got hydro-locked as the driver pushed the SUV to its limits. The water might have got into the engine from the air intake.