Mahindra Thar to Isuzu D-Max V-Cross: Hot modified off-roading SUVs of India

SUVs are one of the best selling vehicles in the Indian market. Their popularity comes with their intimidating looks. Even though SUVs are quite popular in the market, a very of them go off the tarmac and are utilised in the best way possible. Such off-roading enthusiasts also modify their vehicles to increase the capabilities of their machines and make them perform better off the road. Here are ten such SUVs that have been modified for off-road use.

Tata Xenon


Tata Xenon 1

The Tata Xenon has been around for a while in the Indian market now. Tata does not offer the Xenon to the private owners now because of the poor sales but the Xenon looks extremely good and offers a good presence on the road. Here is a modified version of the Xenon that has been thoroughly modified. It gets a new Prad 4X4 front bumper, a 2-inch lift kit, fender protection and 15-inch aftermarket tyres. The pick-up truck also gets aftermarket projector headlamps, a 4X4 roof rack and an off-road spec snorkel with a winch. It sure looks intimidating in its modified form.


Tata Xenon 2

Here is a lifted Tata Xenon pickup truck with unique livery on the body. The vehicle from Karnataka gets an off-road spec bumper with an aftermarket grille and off-road bullbar. It also gets a lift kit and has auxiliary lamps mounted on the roof. It also gets chrome dipped aftermarket rims that quite big and further adds an aggressive look to the vehicle. It also gets aftermarket mud terrains tyres.

Mahindra Thar


Mahindra Thar 1

Here is a Mahindra Thar that gets a lot of modifications and looks much wider than the stock vehicle. The Thar is one of the most modified vehicles in India. The SUV seen here gets a lot of additional equipment like 32-inch LED bar mounted on the rooftop, aftermarket bumper with off-road spec bullbar, modified fenders to accommodate the wider tyres. There are additional LED lamps mounted just below the windscreen and mono lights on the bullbar.

True Blue


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The Mahindra Thar looks often gets subtle colours but this one here gets a bright blue body colour that catches a lot of eyes on the roads. The SUV seen here gets a long list of modifications including Ironman 4X4 suspension with ARC leaf springs, off-road bumpers, hardtop, steel rims with Maxxis tyres and custom fenders. It also gets a Jeep Wrangler conversion body kit that adds the desirable Jeep look to the vehicle.

Force Gurkha


Force Gurkha 1

The Force Gurkha is one of the most underrated SUVs in the Indian market. It is quite capable and offers various features that make it very capable off the road. Here is a Gurkha that has been subtly modified with aftermarket big-block tyres and an off-road bumper. The Gurkha also gets a small LED bar on the rooftop that helps during off-road adventures at night.


Force Gurkha 2

Here is a Force Gurkha that looks quite good in its all-black avatar. Even in the stock form, the Gurkha looks quite good. Here is a subtly modified version that surely attracts a lot of attention on the road. It gets an off-roading spec steel bumper with a winch mounted on it. The off-road bumper further adds to the looks of the Gurkha.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy

Red hot!

Maruti Gypsy 2

The Maruti Suzuki Gypsy is the oldest production car in India that has been modified beautifully and gets a red-hot body colour. This is the only petrol powered SUV in this list and it gets Automech aftermarket exhaust system and HKS intake system. The SUV also gets Ironman 4X4 suspension system with a 4-inch lift kit. The Gypsy also gets 15-inch steel rims aftermarket tyres. Other additional details include aftermarket projector headlamps, 40-inch LED bar mounted on the rooftop and other auxiliary lamps. The aftermarket steel bumper and the snorkel makes it off-road friendly.


Maruti Gypsy 1

An exoskeleton always makes a vehicle look dramatic and that’s exactly what happened here. The Maruti Suzuki Gypsy gets an external roll cage, giving it a hardcore look. The vehicle has been lifted by 6-inches with the help of a lift kit. It also gets a Nardo Grey paint job, giving it a very sophisticated look. The aftermarket projector headlamps and the LED bar is well utilised in the dark situations. The Gypsy also gets a custom exhaust system that increases the power by quite a bit.

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross


Isuzu V Cross D Max 2

The Isuzu D-Max V-Cross has become quite successful in the Indian market. It attracts a lot of eyeballs even in the stock form but this one looks exceptional. The list of modifications includes a 6-inch lift kit with Lenso premium alloy wheels and Cooper mud terrain tyres. The front bumper has been replaced with a customised one and PIAA LED lamps have been installed on it. It also gets smoked tail lamps and a bed liner that makes the rear flatbed even more useful.

Sky high


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Lifted vehicles do have a charm of their own. Here is a 6-inch lift with extra wide tyres on the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross. The body modifications are limited but the vehicle’s suspension system has been upgraded thoroughly. It sure looks like a beast on the roads.

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