10 things you need to know about the upcoming new Mahindra Thar

The Mahindra Thar is undoubtedly the most popular lifestyle utility vehicle in India. The company is now working on an all-new version of the Thar that will be launched next year. This makes the production run of the current generation model at nearly 10 years, the launch date of it being December 2010. Mahindra has got some great tricks up its sleeve for the new generation Thar and this will be one of the biggest updates ever given to the historic Mahindra Jeep lineup ever since its inception in 1954. If you are interested in the upcoming new generation Thar, here are 10 things that you need to know about it.

Unveil at Auto Expo 2020

10 things you need to know about the upcoming new Mahindra Thar

It is expected that Mahindra will launch the all-new Thar at the 2020 Delhi Auto Expo, scheduled to happen in February 2020. However, this will be an unveil and the final launch would probably happen in the months to follow. The new Thar has been spotted testing multiple times till now but little of the exterior design could be seen because of the heavy camouflaging. Therefore, a full body reveal at the 2020 Auto Expo will quench the thirst of many enthusiasts who are planning to upgrade to the new Thar.

Only Diesel Engine on offer initially

10 things you need to know about the upcoming new Mahindra Thar

The Mahindra Thar, like the current generation model, will only come with a diesel powertrain initially. the company is reportedly developing an all-new 2.0-litre turbocharged engine that will comply with the upcoming BSVI emission norms. On the Thar, this engine is likely to churn out power in the range of 120 Bhp to 140 Bhp. The same engine will also be found under the hoods of the next generation Mahindra Scorpio as well as the new generation XUV500.

Petrol Engine option possible

You would have probably read this point already when we said ‘initially’ in the above point. There have been talks that Mahindra will equip the new Thar with a petrol engine option too and this variant will be exported to the international markets also. However, it will come a bit later after the new Thar is launched and will comply with the BSVI emission norms.

Hard Core off-road version also likely to come

10 things you need to know about the upcoming new Mahindra Thar
Thar wanderlust edition

Now the Mahindra Thar is already a hardcore off-road vehicle. However, Mahindra could introduce a more off-road focused version of the Thar which will be aimed at those who buy it for the sake of off-roading. To let you know, it is being said that the new generation Thar will have slightly reduced off-road capabilities due to the new platform among other things. Also, the company is looking towards increasing the portfolio of the Thar brand just like Jeep has done with the Wrangler. A more hardcore off-road version of Thar with better wheel articulation, improved departure and approach angles and probably even diff locks, therefore, is something that could see the light of the day.

Front facing rear seats

The new generation Thar will come with many ‘new’ in it and one of them will be front facing rear seats. As the new Thar will be wider and more spacious on the inside, this makes perfect sense too as it will make group drives much more comfortable. Until now, many Thar buyers went for an aftermarket solution for front facing seats but with Mahindra itself offering that, it will be a boon for many.

Hard Top Version option

10 things you need to know about the upcoming new Mahindra Thar

Hardtops are another thing which a lot of people get done after buying the Thar. Mahindra seems to have been doing its homework well as the Thar will get an option of a factory-fitted, removable hard-top for the first time. This will add to its practicality in difficult weather conditions like extreme heat or rain. Further, this will also make many potential customers buy the Thar who until now liked the way it looked but were worried about its practical usage.

Based on the new Scorpio Platform

10 things you need to know about the upcoming new Mahindra Thar

As already mentioned, the new generation Thar will be larger in dimensions and will offer more cabin space than the current model. this has been made possible due to the all-new platform that has been borrowed from the next generation Scorpio. This new platform is a body on ladder platform reportedly borrowed from Ssangyong. However, it will also affect the off-road capabilities of the Thar a little bit. The wheel articulation among other things will be negatively affected due to the new platform.

Enhanced safety and features

10 things you need to know about the upcoming new Mahindra Thar

You might be well aware of the fact by now that the new Thar will really be a ‘new’ vehicle. However, one of the biggest improvement Mahindra will make on the new Thar compared to the older generation Thar will be in the safety department. It will be BNSVAP safety standards compliant and will also pass the new crash test norms. It will come with ABS, airbags among other safety kits now made mandatory by the government. It will also be very feature rich compared to the current generation model and will feature glossy black AC vents, possible automatic climate control, new steering wheel and the brand-new instrument cluster, which now also comes with a MID (Multi Information Display) unit at the centre. A new gear lever and new seats with improved fabric upholstery will also be present on the new Thar.

AT with Petrol engine also in the pipeline

We already told you that Mahindra is considering a petrol powered variant of the Thar, though it will come at a later stage.  Apart from this though, Mahindra is also working towards bringing an automatic transmission on the Thar at a later stage of its life. The automatic is likely to be paired with the petrol engine and will provide a huge relief to those who want to buy it for its appeal and style and not specifically for using it off the road.

Infotainment system for the first time

10 things you need to know about the upcoming new Mahindra Thar

Ending the list is one of the biggest feature updates that the Thar will get. Yeah, the once spartan cave-like interiors of the Thar will feature a touch infotainment system in the future. It will come with an all-new black dashboard with a centre housing for a touchscreen display. It would probably feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto along with sat-nav and other multimedia features.