India’s 1st Mahindra Thar V8 on an off-road track sounds like a G-Wagen

Mahindra recently launched the second-generation Thar and it is very different from the first-generation model, which attracted only pure enthusiasts. The old Thar is very popular among off-roading enthusiasts because of its sturdy build. There are many professionals who have modified the first-generation Thar to compete in events. Well, here is one such Thar doing off-roading.

The video by Shri Vlogs shows variously modified and stock vehicles doing off-roading in an area. It is not a proper track but a go-as-you-will off-roading session. The video does not talk about the specifications or anything technical about the modified and customised Thar though so we will not be able to give you those details in this article. However, you sure would love to watch the Thar V8 taking on any terrain like a monster.

Some of the details that we can see in the video. The design looks heavily inspired by the Mahindra Thar Daybreak, which is an official modified version of the old-generation Thar. It gets massive off-road spec tyres and a high lift kit too. It seems like a 4 to 6-inch lift kit is installed in this vehicle.

The front grille is new and so are the headlamp units. There is no front bumper and it helps to ensure that the vehicle has a wide approach angle. Wider approach angles help the vehicle to climb steep inclines without damaging the bumper. The windshield also looks like it has been positioned at an angle. The doors are also cut and made in a new look design.

Chassis modified

India’s 1st Mahindra Thar V8 on an off-road track sounds like a G-Wagen

The vehicle’s chassis seems to be modified to make the wheelbase shorter. Just like the front-end, the rear bumper of the Thar has been removed too. There is literally no departure angle as there is nothing above the monster tyres of the vehicle.

It still has a soft-top roof that can be folded. Other details include the addition of a light bar on the top, a hood scoop and a few hydraulic tanks in the rear. We are not sure what purpose these hydraulic tanks serve as there are no details.

However, they are generally installed for air suspension and can also be used to fill the air in the tyres. Since most off-roaders reduce the tyre pressure for better grip, finding an air filling point can be difficult. Such systems are extremely helpful in such situations.

Cabin modified too

Also, the vlogger gives us a peek inside the cabin of the vehicle. There are a lot of aftermarket accessories installed including a new control panel to start the engine. The vlogger has not talked about the engine too but it is a V8 engine. It seems like an imported engine or something from Toyota Land Cruiser. The power and torque figures are not mentioned.

Such heavily modified vehicles are not road-legal in India. However, they are pretty much legal to use at the off-roading events that take place in private space.