Mahindra Thar and a vertical drop: Can it do it? [Video]

Mahindra Thar is a very capable off-roader and is the first choice of many off-roaders. The affordable price tag and the sturdy build of Thar make it extremely popular among the off-roaders too. The Mahindra Thar is one model in India that has one of the best collective off-roading challenges and here is one such video that shows the Mahindra Thar trying to descend down a vertical drop!

Mahindra Thar on a vertical drop

While the Thar is very capable in the stock form itself, it is also one of the most modified vehicles in the country. Even the vehicle seen in this video put up by Kashmir Off Road is heavily modified but the actual modifications in the vehicle are not known because of it quite away from the camera. Nonetheless, the vertical drop has been made to test the capability of the Thar and it is quite dangerous as the vehicle can topple if not handled properly.

The driver inside the Thar cannot see a thing and he is getting directed by the people who are outside. Such spotters are extremely important to do such a manoeuvre if you want to keep the vehicle safe. The Mahindra Thar then slowly puts the front tyres and the spotters can be heard saying do not brake so hard. Actually, applying brakes sharply on such a drop may result in the vehicle toppling over due to the transfer of weight.

The vehicle then slowly comes down the vertical decline but due to the limited ground clearance, it gets beached and the bottom of the vehicle rests on the ground. However, as it is coming down, the vehicle did not get stuck because of the ground clearance. In fact, the angle of the climb is so high that the Thar’s front bumper started resting on the ground at the end of the climb. There is a second video that shows how the members get the traction mats to ensure that the wheels have enough traction to go through. The Thar did come out without the need of any external help in the end but it sure has suffered a few damages to the underbody and the front bumper.

The height of the climb was also perfect. If it was a little higher, the vehicle’s front would have still above the ground and the vehicle could have toppled. One should never do such experiments without the experts around just like in this video. Off-roading may look like fun but it requires a lot of practice and planning. One has to take the best route out without damaging the vehicle much. Most people do not face such vertical falls on a regular basis even on the specialised off-roading tracks. But now if they do face such a challenge in a Thar, they know that the vehicle is capable enough to get through the challenge without a problem.

Nonetheless, such challenges can also damage the vehicle severely and should not be done until there’s no other way out.