Mahindra Thar vs Maruti Jimny in an off-road video

The Mahindra Thar and Maruti Jimny are currently the most popular 4×4 SUVs in the Indian market. They are also among the most affordable 4x4s in the country. Since the launch of the Mahindra Thar, we have seen several reviews, off-road adventures, and modification videos featuring the SUV. Similarly, deliveries of the Maruti Jimny have also started, and we are now witnessing an increase in the number of videos showcasing the SUV, aside from just reviews. People have already begun modifying and sharing their experiences with the SUV. In this video, a vlogger takes the Mahindra Thar and Maruti Jimny to an off-road obstacle to observe how both SUVs perform.

The video has been uploaded by Small Town Rider on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger takes his own Mahindra Thar and his friend’s Maruti Jimny to an open ground with a couple of obstacles to test the performance of both SUVs. It’s important to note that this video is not intended as a comparison between the two vehicles, and the vlogger clearly states this in the video. The vlogger chooses a large mound of soil with no proper tracks to climb up. The Mahindra Thar is the first to attempt the climb. The vlogger tries to climb the section in 2WD, 4H, and 4L. In 2WD mode, the front wheels are unable to climb up due to the lack of power in the front wheels.

The vlogger stops and reverses the car. He then engages 4H and attempts to climb the same section. The front wheels smoothly manage to climb up, but the bottom of the car hits the ground, preventing the rear wheels from climbing. The vlogger intentionally avoids pushing the car too hard as he wants to see if it can cross the obstacle effortlessly. Next, he engages 4L and slowly attempts to crawl up. The same thing happens again. The car fails to ascend as the rear wheels lose traction.

Mahindra Thar vs Maruti Jimny in an off-road video
Jimny vs Thar: off-roading

After the Mahindra Thar, it’s the Jimny’s turn to attempt the climb. The vlogger gets into the car and first tries to climb in 2WD. Like the Thar, the Jimny struggles and fails to crawl up. After this, the vlogger directly engages 4L to see how it would perform. He expects a similar result as the Thar since the Jimny has a longer wheelbase. However, to his surprise, the Jimny slowly crawls up the section without hitting the bottom. The vlogger, who is driving the vehicle, is genuinely surprised, and the joy on the face of the Jimny owner is clearly visible.

They even try to climb another obstacle, and the Jimny effortlessly conquers it. The Thar is equipped with RT tires, while the Jimny owner has installed AT tires. The Jimny smoothly climbs the hurdle. The Thar featured in the video is the diesel variant, and we believe that could be a reason why it struggled to climb. In general, the Mahindra Thar is heavier than the Jimny, giving the Jimny an advantage in off-road situations. The Jimny is powered by a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine, whereas the Mahindra Thar uses a 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine. Towards the end of the video, the Mahindra Thar successfully climbs the dirt mound with a bit more effort.