All-new Mahindra Thar 4X4 takes on the old Toyota Fortuner SUV off the road

One of the most awaited product from Mahindra in 2020 was the all-new Thar. It is currently the cheapest 4×4 SUV that you can buy in India. The current generation Thar is a huge improvement in every aspect from the last model. The demand for all-new Mahindra Thar is pretty high and Mahindra has also increased the production to meet the demands. We have seen several review and off-road and on-road videos of Mahindra Thar on the internet and here we have another video where Mahindra Thar and good old first-gen Toyota Fortuner are seen off-roading on a river bed.

The video has been uploaded by The Hill On Wheels on their youtube channel. The video shows Mahindra Thar and Toyota Fortuner along with other SUVs on a river bed. The surface is pretty rocky and also has loose sand at place. The video then shows Mahindra That climbing up a section filled with loose sand and rocks. Thar came up the section without any issues. Next was Toyota Fortuner’s turn and even that came up the section very easily.

After that, both SUV were brought back to the river bed from the same slope and even then they did not loose traction or get stuck at any part. After Fortuner and Thar was brought down to the river bed, Thar was taken to a place with a very small water crossing with loose sand on the other end. Driver drives the SUV slowly towards the water crossing and just after the crossing, there is a small hump made of loose sand. Mahindra Thar did was the first vehicle to cross that section and because of that, driver had no idea about how loose the sand actually was.

All-new Mahindra Thar 4X4 takes on the old Toyota Fortuner SUV off the road

The driver was not carrying much momentum and it was on a small hump and because of that, the Thar get stuck on the sand. Driver realises it as soon as he enters the section and he does not move forward. Instead he takes the Thar in reverse slightly and then approaches the same section with a bit more momentum than before. This helped the SUV cross the sandy section smoothly. Toyota Fortuner was the next vehicle to come there. Fortuner driver followed the track created by Mahindra Thar that went ahead of it and smoothly crossed the sandy section without getting stuck even slightly.

This is just a simple off-roading videos of both the SUVs and is not a comparison. Both Mahindra Thar and Toyota Fortuner are one the best SUVs in their respective segments. Both SUVs have their pros and cons. Mahindra Thar is available with a 2.2 litre mHawk turbo diesel and a 2.0 litre mStallion turbo petrol engine. Both engine options are available with manual and automatic gearbox options. Mahindra is now offering 4×4 as standard with the all-new Thar. Toyota recently launched the facelifted Fortuner in the market. Just like Thar Fortuner is also available with petrol and diesel engine options. Unlike Thar, only the diesel version gets 4×4 option in Fortuner. Toyota has also introduced Legender version of Fortuner in the market.