India’s first & only Mahindra Thar with a “Train Horn” costing Rs. 1 lakh [Video]

Thar Train Horn Featured

Indians love how their car horns sound and they put in a lot of effort after buying a new vehicle. But how about spending Rs 1 lakh on a car horn? Well, here is an owner of Mahindra Thar who has spent a lakh on installing an aftermarket horn system that also has a portable compressor and of course is illegal.

The Mahindra Thar seen here gets the aftermarket horn that has been imported from Canada. The owner says in the video that the pressure horn that truly sounds like a locomotive horn comes from Canada. It should be noted that such pressure horns are extremely loud and exceed the permissible limit of a horn in a car. The maximum sound level of a horn that is allowed on the public roads is 112 dB.

Since the pressure horns are illegal in India, they are not available in the market easily. This is why the owner of the Thar had to import it from Canada. The system of this horn is complicated and it takes up a lot of space. There is a portable compressor that has been positioned in the rear of the vehicle. It fills up an air tank with compressed air. When the horn button is engaged, the air is released at high pressure through the trumpets located in the front of the vehicle creating an extremely loud sound. The sound is similar to a locomotive horn and it can be heard over a long distance. However, such horns can create a lot of noise pollution on public roads and can also trigger anxiety attacks in unsuspecting pedestrians. These loud horns can also cause a heartbeat to rise quickly and can also permanently damage the ears. Police regularly seize similar pressure horns from trucks and buses and this is for sure louder than those horns on the Indian trucks and buses.

India’s first & only Mahindra Thar with a “Train Horn” costing Rs. 1 lakh [Video]

The owner says that he does not use the horn on the public roads. It is on the vehicle to use during off-roading. If the Thar gets lost during extreme off-roading in a place like sand dunes or forest, the horn can be used to give away the location of the car. The compressor installed for the horn can also be used to fill up the tyres, which is a very useful feature. During off-roading, the tyre pressure needs to be released in certain conditions to increase the traction.

The cost of the set-up is around Rs 1 lakh as per the owner. The horn trumpet costs Rs 25,000 while the compressor is for Rs 50,000. The rest of the money was spent on the installation and the shipping charges. The video made by Lokesh Swami thoroughly shows the working of the horn and how loud it sounds.