New Mahindra Thar with 5 inch lift kit & other modifications is an off-road monster [Video]

The Mahindra Thar is currently one of the most popular 4×4 SUVs available in the Indian market and is one of the most modified vehicles in the country. Since the launch of the current generation Thar, several videos of the SUV with modifications have been seen. Some of these modifications are meant to improve the off-road capability while others are meant to improve the looks and comfort. In this video uploaded by Ashwin Singh Takiar on his YouTube channel, a Mahindra Thar has been neatly modified into an off-road monster.

In the video, the vlogger speaks to the owner of Moving Metal Garages (MMG) in Noida, where this was one of their recent projects. The vlogger became a huge fan of the work, and not only made a video, but also dropped his Mahindra Thar at the workshop for similar modifications. The first thing discussed about the vehicle in the video is the lift kit. The Mahindra Thar seen here looks huge mainly because of the 5-inch lift kit installed on it.

The video mentions that the lift kit and many other modifications done to the car were done in-house. Many of these components were developed in-house and come with a lifetime warranty. The upper and lower arms, connecting rods, and many more panels were fabricated by Moving Metal Garages. Like most Mahindra Thar SUVs, this one also gets an aftermarket grille, headlights, and the stock fenders have been removed. The position of the radiator is now slightly higher, which has helped in reducing damage. They have also placed a skid plate that protects the underbody of the car during off-road sessions.

New Mahindra Thar with 5 inch lift kit & other modifications is an off-road monster [Video]
Modified Mahindra Thar

The bumper is a custom-made unit with a bullbar at the front. There is a heavy-duty winch and multiple shackle hooks on the bumper that are all mounted on the chassis and can pull heavy vehicles. The fenders were replaced with custom-made metal units. There are 37-inch tires with 17-inch off-road spec beaded wheels. A rock slider has been installed on the SUV. The video mentions that the owner already had these footsteps and the workshop only chopped and reinforced them to make them practical for off-roading. There is an exoskeleton on the SUV with jerry cans, auxiliary lamps, and other accessories on it.

As we move to the rear, the spare wheel (which is also a 37-inch unit) is mounted on a bracket that is specially made for the vehicle. It is not putting all its weight on the tailgate. The wheel is actually sitting on the rear bumper, which is mounted on the chassis. Just like the front, the rear bumper is also a custom-made unit. Both the approach and departure angles of the SUV have improved. The suspension setup on this SUV has been upgraded and the car still runs comfortably. The owner of this Mahindra Thar can be heard saying at the end of the video that he is extremely happy with the work and would recommend MMG to anyone who is planning to modify their Thar or any other vehicle.