Mahindra tops JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index after beating Ford and Toyota

Homegrown manufacturer Mahindra and Mahindra has topped the 2017 Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) as per JD Power survey. Mahindra scored 886 points out of 1,000 and has come out on top of Toyota, which has ranked second with 856 points and Ford, which has ranked 846 points in India. According to the survey, the market average of SSI in India is 840 points. JD Power study is based on responses from 7,831 new vehicle owners who have purchased vehicles between September 2016 and April 2017.

Mahindra tops JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index after beating Ford and Toyota

The JD Power study calculates the points based on six factors which are contributed to overall customer satisfaction. The points are based on the customer satisfaction after they purchase new vehicles in the market. The overall points are contributed 17 percent each by sales initiation, dealer facility deal and paperwork, delivery timing. Salesperson and delivery process contribute 16 percent each.

JD Power, in a statement, said that”The overall sales satisfaction index for the industry improved

“The overall sales satisfaction index for the industry improved significantly.” The SSI increased by 31 points (on a 1000 point scale) in 2016. The main factors contributing to the improvement included a higher implementation rate on process standards; increase in the number of amenities made available at dealer facilities and a drop in pressures and problems experienced by customers during the shopping experience.

The study also concludes satisfaction in dealership facilities and how they have improved on the year-on-year basis. About 65% customers said that they received all the amenities at the Indian car dealerships including WiFi, comfortable seating space and product brochures among many other things. Also, 4 percent customers experienced trouble during the buying process as against 37 percent customers who faced similar situations last year.

The study also shows that 49 percent new vehicle buyers in India research about their vehicle online, which is an increase of 15 percent.

Other major car manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki scored 836 points while Hyundai is tied with Maruti at the same 838 points. Datsun has been placed at sixth number with 836 points. Tata Motors scored 834 points while Volkswagen scored 826 points.Renault finishes at the bottom with 819 points.