Mahindra TUV 300 Plus with Adventure kit looks BRUTISH [Video]

Mahindra recently launched the TUV 300 Plus officially throughout the country, after a long wait. The TUV 300 Plus is an extended long-wheelbase version of the TUV 300 and is the only 9-seater car available in the affordable segment.

Just like most Mahindra cars, the TUV 300 Plus also gets official modification kits that are available at the Mahindra dealerships. Here is a video of the TUV 300 Plus modified with the Adventure kit, and it truly looks brutish. The Adventure kit on the TUV 300 Plus gives it many new additions that change the overall look of the vehicle. It can be installed at any Mahindra dealerships and costs Rs. 48,000 on top of the vehicle.

To start with the lower bumper gets new inserts in silver colour that adds bulk to the vehicle. It also gets a tough looking skid board but it is all visual and is made up of plastic. The grille stays the same but the bonnet of the vehicle gets a bulky looking faux scoop. The roof gets a series of lamps. The TUV 300 looks macho in stock form but with the new body kit, it gets a dominating look. The side of the SUV gets a thick plastic cladding. The cladding starts from the front bumper and goes over the wheel arches to conclude at the rear bumper. It adds width to the body, making the TUV look quite rugged.

At the rear, the TUV 300 Plus gets a new bumper add-on that adds more bulk to the vehicle. The tailgate-mounted spare wheel cover also gets a new insert that completes the look. The Adventure kit only modifies the exterior of the vehicle, and the interior remains untouched. This kit can be installed in any variant of the TUV 300 and TUV 300 Plus.

It is an official kit offered by Mahindra and does not void any warranty. It should be noted that the body kit does not affect the performance of the car and only changes the way it looks. The engine output and other mechanicals remain stock.