Mahindra TUV300 gets royally STUCK on a beach; Needs 3 tractors to rescue it [Video]

Beach driving can be big fun when done right and with proper caution. If not done right, it can turn out to be a disaster. Here is one such video that shows a Mahindra TUV300 stuck deep in wetland beach and then rescued by not one, not two, but three tractors.

What’s happening here?

The video shows a Mahindra TUV300 from the Dumas beach in Surat, Gujarat. The popular beach is flocked by many locals and tourists and many of them venture out seeking the thrill of driving on a beach. This video shows what things can quickly go wrong if you’re not careful enough.

The Mahindra TUV300 can be seen stuck badly in the slideshow of pictures. The sinking beach has galloped the TUV300 till its window line, which is about 4-4.5 feet deep. Two tractors come to the rescue of the royally stuck TUV300. At first, the rescue operation was tried with a single tractor but then another was called to lend a helping hand. We can also see a third tractor joining in to help the car in getting out.

At first, the two tractors work together to first bring the vehicle up from the ditch and then pull it out together. It did require a lot of effort as the wet sand holds onto any object that is stuck in it. Later, all the three tractors can be seen in line pulling out the car. During the rescue process, the bumper got visibly damaged and we are not sure of the internal or the mechanical damages, but there should be none as the water may not have entered inside the vehicle and the engine compartment.

Why are the tractors not getting stuck?

Even though the tractors are heavier than the TUV300, they have much wider rear tyres. A wider tyre distributes the weight of the vehicle on a wider area which puts less pressure on the ground. That is why the tractors are able to run freely on mud and slush. A similar principle is applied in the Caterpillar Tracks used in battle tanks and heavy cranes.

It should be noted that the TUV300 is a rear wheel driven vehicle and it is quite heavy too. The car does not get 4X4 even as an optional feature. One should be extremely careful about taking the vehicle to extreme places like marshy areas and slippery surfaces.

Driving on a beach?

Beach driving can turn out to be picturesque, if done right. One should always take care of a few things while doing beach driving in any car.

  • Always go to the designated beach-driving areas. There are quite a few beaches in the Southern India where cars are allowed. Such beaches have a solid surface that does not sink in easily.
  • If not sure, walk first and look around for places where your vehicle can sink in. If you see water around your feet, it can sink your vehicle in no time.
  • Always keep a rescue vehicle ready if you get stuck. Delay in the arrival of rescue vehicle can damage your car.
  • Engage 4X4 before you enter such extreme places.
  • Drive slow on the beaches, a sudden sinking of the ground can get the front wheel stuck and overturn the car easily at high speed.


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