Watch a burly Mahindra TUV300 owner lift a Maruti Dzire out of his way, & roll on [Video]

They say, if you can find your way around Indian roads, you can drive anywhere in the world. We do face different challenges on the road every day and more often than not, we find ways to overcome those problems. Parking has been a problem since forever. People park wherever they wish to and don’t really care about the ongoing traffic. Even though there are traffic regulations which don’t allow you to park at a lot of places, the fear has not set in. Over the years, situations have improved wherein cars parked midway are towed by the police and require a lot of operational and financial hassles to get your cars back from the police custody.

The video above shows one such instance. It’s become extremely viral, mostly cause of the humour in the situation. The video shared by an officer from Punjab shows how a Mahindra TUV300 was stuck midway, definitely causing a traffic jam behind it on a busy road. The driver of the car conveniently steps out and with considerable ease moves the Swift Dzire by resting his back and taking a safe position, lifts the car and moves it just a few inches so the traffic can be cleared. The co-passenger can be spotted enjoying the sight with some Punjabi music and a good laugh. 

The pedestrians witnessing the event also have a good laugh and are taken aback by the strength of the man being able to lift the older-generation sedan, all by himself. The HEARTECT platform with the all-new Swift Dzire is actually quite light. The one in the video is an older version which is at least 1070 kilograms and moving this kind of weight isn’t a child’s play.

Watch a burly Mahindra TUV300 owner lift a Maruti Dzire out of his way, & roll on [Video]

There are many videos of people from around the world lifting such heavy automobiles all by themselves, however, we would really like to know the secret behind the strength of this Mahindra TUV300 owner, once the identity of the person is revealed.

Everyone should be careful while parking their vehicles on the public roads since space is shared by everyone. Blocking a public road can lead up to traffic jams and it can also block emergency vehicles. Most motorists do not pay much attention to where they park their vehicles on the public roads and especially in smaller towns. Even metro cities face similar problem but since the cops regularly issue fines and tow the vehicles for parking improperly, the chances of seeing such haphazard parking is less in the major cities.