Mahindra going BIG: Mahindra PF-Zero electric supercar with Pininfarina in the works!

Mahindra and Mahindra has been planning to develop a high-performance vehicle with the Italian design firm Pininfarina which it also owns. Collaboratively, they have started working on a new electric car that will capture the attention of the world. Internally known as Project Montana, the most exciting result of the collaboration will be an electric hypercar. The PF-Zero, as its currently called, will be a limited edition run, and will compete against hypercars such as the Bugatti Chiron.

The new vehicle is being developed to enter the electric car arena with a bang – so sales of the PF-Zero hypercar do not matter much, with a production run planned for only 20 units.

Mahindra going BIG: Mahindra PF-Zero electric supercar with Pininfarina in the works!

Mahindra and Pininfarina are working on a high-end electric sports cars and SUVs. There will be four vehicles initially developed under the new project. It will be low-volume, high-performance sports cars that will be up to challenge the fastest breed of sports cars and SUVs in the world. The new project is internally known as ‘Project Montana’ and the ex-boss of Audi India, Micheal Perschke has been given the job of making it a reality.

According to ACI, Project Montana has received an initial investment is around $100 million from Mahindra and now the venture will look for outside investments too. No official name has been given to the new venture but it may be called Automobili Pininfarina. All the design and styling aspects of the upcoming EV will be done by the design firm itself. The new cars will get Pininfarina moniker.

The top-spec electric car will be an electric hypercar that will take on the 1,500 Bhp Bugatti Chiron. It is internally known as the PF-Zero. The production will be limited to only 20 units.

A range of electric SUVs will also be made. The SUVs will be built to take on the vehicles like Lamborghini Urus and will be produced in more numbers than the hypercar. It is internally known as the PF1. Mahindra is also developing two more SUVs that will take on the vehicles like Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Macan in the market.

The fully-electric SUV, PF1 will get a modular platform that gets a 140 KWh battery pack and an output of massive 700 kW (940 Bhp). The company is targetting a 0-100 km/h run of under 3 seconds. Mahindra has also roped in Rimac for development of the vehicles. Rimac is known for their electric hypercars Concept One (which was crashed by Richard Hammond) and recently unveiled Concept C_Two. The concept develops a maximum of 1,915 Bhp and can do 0-100 km/h in just 1.85 seconds. Rimac also develops battery systems for Aston Martin-Red Bull Racing’s AM-RB 001 hypercar and the Koenigsegg Regera.

Interestingly, Mahindra also has a Formula E team who will provide assistance and will give inputs during the development of the new electric vehicles. The initial fund will be spent on the development of the performance SUV and the electric hypercar. The first vehicles from the brand are expected to go on sale by 2020.

This development will put Mahindra on a global stage with big, renowned leaders. With the future of electric vehicles around the corner, this will be a good way to step big in the market.

Via: ACI