Mahindra XUV Aero electric under consideration for India

At the 2016 Delhi Auto Expo, Mahindra showcased the XUV Aero concept, which was nothing but a Mahindra XUV that had been given a coupe like roofline. Many high end manufacturers have come up with their coupe styled SUVs, like the X6 and the GLC/GLE coupe too. While at that time it was only shown as a concept, the company is now planning to bring the XUV Aero in electric guise.

Mahindra XUV Aero electric under consideration for India

The Aero was designed by Mahindra’s in-house team of designers, with the prototyping done by the automaker’s latest acquisition, Pininfarina. The concept featured suicide doors on one side and only a single door on the other side, something like the Mini Clubman previously.

According to Pawan Goenka, they are still deciding whether or not to put the XUV Aero in production. That depends on the cost of the battery technology. He also goes on to say that they will at max two high end electric products.

The Aero will be equipped with a 380V system, one that will be fit on other electric SUVs and MPVs.  Currently, the company only has the smaller 48V and 72V batteries doing duty. The company showcased a new roadmap for electric vehicles, called the EV2.0. The next generation of electric cars will have output figures ranging from 41 Bhp to 204 Bhp and a range of 250-350 kms. This Aero will play an important part in that strategy.

When the Aero was showcased at the Auto Expo last year, the vehicle was said to be powered by a 2.2 liter mHawk engine. This is the same engine which is on offer on the XUV and the Scorpio. This one however has been re-tuned and now produces 212 Bhp, as opposed to the 140 Bhp on the XUV and 120 Bhp on the Scorpio.

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