Mahindra XUV vs Tata Hexa: Head-to-head comparison

Tata has finally introduced the much awaited Hexa in the Indian market, with prices starting from 11.99 lakhs. The car was first showcased at the Geneva Motorshow back in 2015, and it has taken close to 2 years for it to finally reach our market. While this is the replacement for the Aria, it has been positioned in such a way that it takes on the Mahindra XUV500. Here is an indepth analysis of the comparison between the two:


Mahindra XUV vs Tata Hexa: Head-to-head comparison

Looks are something that are a personal choice. Both are dashing looking vehicles, with each of them having their unique characteristics. While the Hexa looks more like a crossover between a SUV and MPV, the XUV is more butch looking. Having said that, the Hexa has an interesting design which looks fresh. It has the DRLs on the bumper which the XUV misses out on. Both get smoked out headlamps with projectors. The Hexa gets 19″ rims which are huge and surely give it a good looking stance. The XUV on the other hand makes do with 17″ rims.


In terms of size, the Hexa is longer and wider than the XUV. It has an overall length of 4764 mm vs the XUVs 4585 mm and has the width of 1895 mm as opposed to 1890 mm on the XUV. This translates into more room in the Hexa as compared to the XUV.

Mahindra XUV vs Tata Hexa: Head-to-head comparison

Mahindra XUV vs Tata Hexa: Head-to-head comparison

Powertrain options:

There are two states of tune available on the Hexa based on the variant opted for. All vehicles are powered by the same 2.2 liter Varicor unit. While the base trim produces 148 Bhp and 320 Nm, the other trim levels are available with the more powerful 154 Bhp and 400 Nm state of tune. The XUV on the other hand comes with a single state of tune throughout all the variants. The 2.2 liter mHawk engine produces 140 Bhp and 330 Nm.

The Hexa and XUV both come with automatic and manual options on offer and both have the option of an AWD system as well. What the Hexa has in addition is the ability to change driving modes, something they have gotten inspiration for from the Land Rover brand, which they now own.


Mahindra XUV vs Tata Hexa: Head-to-head comparison

Mahindra XUV vs Tata Hexa: Head-to-head comparison

The both of them are pretty evenly matched when it comes to features. While the Hexa has the option of captain seats in the middle row, the XUV has to make do with a bench. As for the infotainment system, both have a touch screen system. The sound system is better on the Hexa, offering a 10 speaker JBL sound system. The touch screen also houses rear camera, SMS readout, Navi map that mirrors navigation from your phone, a Juke app and has mood lighting.

The XUV on the other hand gets a sunroof, in-built navigation and push button start which the Hexa misses out on.

On the safety front, both dual airbags and ABS as standard and both have side airbags on the higher end models as well as ESP and hill decent control. While they are evenly matched in terms of pricing and spec, both have a few unique things that separate the two.


This is the most important comparison that is required.

Hexa: XE: Rs 11.99 lakhs, XM: Rs 13.85 lakhs, XMA: Rs 15.05 lakhs, XT: Rs 16.20 lakhs, XTA: Rs 17.40 lakhs, XT 4×4: Rs 17.49 lakhs.

XUV500: W4: Rs 12.47 lakhs, W6: Rs 13.89 lakhs, W6 AT: Rs 14.76 lakhs, W8: Rs 15.63 lakhs, W8 AWD: Rs 16.47 lakhs W8 AT: Rs 16.72 lakhs, W10: Rs 16.54 lakhs, W10 AT: Rs 17.57 lakhs W10 AWD: Rs 17.60 lakhs, W10 AT AWD: Rs 18.63 lakhs.

While the Hexa has a cheaper base variant, the top end variants are simlarly priced. The advantage that the XUV has is that it has a larger number of variants on offer.

The Hexa buyer

The Hexa is spacious, comfortable and can do a lot. And its looks are quite SUV-ish. It offers good ride quality, premium interiors, a smooth automatic gearbox and the option to choose between driving modes. It is not as butch-looking as its competition. But some of you may like its more sober, classier looks. Add to that, the 4×4 option for mild off-roading, and the Hexa would be the right pick.

The XUV buyer

The Hexa is pretty well loaded when it comes to features. But the XUV manages to trump it with a few additional features, like a sunroof, push button start and keyless go. Also, the SUV has a more imposing look and has a wider range of variants on offer to suit more people, for example an AWD version on the lower variants and an AWD auto version as well. If you are looking for a butch looking, feature-rich car that can handle bad roads well, and occasionally indulge in some careful offroading when required, and don’t mind the cramped last row, the XUV is the right vehicle for you.