Watch a Mahindra XUV300 cross a river like a boss

Mahindra XUV 300 is one of the most feature equipped compact SUVs in the segment but it does not sell in the same numbers as the competitors do. The compact SUV segment is the most competitive segment in the Indian market. Manufacturers keep adding features and update the variant line-up to ensure that their compact SUV stays competitive in the segment. Some people consider their compact SUV to be a proper off-roader and start doing off-road stuff on their road-biased vehicle. Here is a video of the Mahindra XUV300 that is uploaded by All in One Entertainment on YouTube. In the video, we can see the XUV300 crossing a river.

Lucky for the driver, the XUV300 did cross the river but we have seen many times that the flow of the river can be quite strong. Due to this, the car can get swept away. We can see in the video that there is a man standing in the river that is guiding the driver so that it is easier for him to position the wheels.

Fortunately, the river was not too deep so only till the air dam, the XUV300 was submerged in the water. Despite being a front-wheel-drive vehicle the XUV300 performed well in the situation. It did not lose traction anywhere nor did it stall. This is not the first time that we are seeing a compact SUV crossing a river. Earlier, we have seen a Kia Seltos, Ford Ecosport and a Kia Sonet do it.

Watch a Mahindra XUV300 cross a river like a boss

Having said that, you should not do such things. All these vehicles are not designed to perform off-road. While you will say that they do succeed sometimes, their mechanicals is not made to take a beating like this. Also, there are wiring and electrical appliances in the engine bay that can get in touch with water and may malfunction. There is also a risk of short circuit. Replacing the electricals of a vehicle is one of the most expensive repair jobs that a person could do.

Then there is the engine itself. The water could enter the air intake and through that, the water can seep into the engine. This will damage the engine in many ways. One way that the engine can get damaged is that it can get hydrolocked. To repair this, the mechanic would have to open up the whole engine and clean it and then rebuild it. This would cost a lot of money and a lot of time.

If you want to do off-roading then you should opt for a SUV that comes with a 4×4 system. The 4×4 system would transfer the engine’s power to all four wheels. This increases the vehicle’s ability to increase traction massively and reduces the chances of you getting stuck. Often the 4×4 SUVs come with a low range gearbox that helps them to put down more torque at the wheels which helps in getting out of the trickiest of situations.

Watch a Mahindra XUV300 cross a river like a boss

Speaking of the XUV300, it starts at Rs. 8.30 lakhs ex-showroom. It competes against the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, Ford Ecosport, Tata Nexon, Toyota Urban Cruiser, Nissan Magnite, Renault Kiger, Hyundai Venue and Kia Sonet.