Mahindra XUV300 Detailed Image Gallery : 40+ pictures inside

Mahindra’s much awaited compact SUV, the XUV300 will be launched on 14th February in India. We drove this vehicle in Goa earlier this week and while the review is embargoed till 6th (Wednesday), lets have a closer look at the SUV via the images below. Do note we cannot share our opinions, even on the design, till a few more days. Nevertheless, here we go:

23mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

We got the Dark Green (Turquoise) color option during the test drive. The rear of the XUV300 is dirty as we took it off the road for a minutes too
13mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Dual tone roof is seen here, finished in white (including the spoiler)
15mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Top spec XUV300 seen here. Location is Verna Industrial Area, Goa
17mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Low angle shot of the front end. All important design elements visible here.
18mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Another shot. We have kept the headlamp, DRL and fog lamps ON for the shoot.
19mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

A view of the alloy wheel design and the fog lamp inserts. Also notice the faux silver skid plate
20mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

This is how the XUV300 looks from the rear as compared to the Ssangyong Tivoli, the car it is based on
22mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Low angle shot showcases the ground clearance of the SUV
23mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Side angle shows the length, wheelbase and ground clearance.
24mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Also on the shoot was a red color option with a white roof. What is your pick?
44mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

My reaction at the end of the drive!
43mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

A wide shot of the cabin of the XUV300 W8
30mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

A side view of the cabin. As seen in earlier images by Mahindra, it has a dual tone theme
29mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

A view of the second row of the XUV300. Both seats adjusted for a 5’11” driver.
25mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

A look at the back of the front seats.
26mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

This is how the power window controls look like (driver side door)
27mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

View of the steering wheel mounted controls
28mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

These are the controls for the climate control. A LCD display is also visible here.
35mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

This is how the touchscreen infotainment looks like. Controls also visible in the lower part of the picture. You can also see the air-con vents
33mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Speedometer console : various parameters on display
32mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Close up of the steering and central console
31mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

The glovebox of the XUV300
37mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Storage space for your mobile phone in front of the gear lever – charging outlets visible here
39mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Open space above the glovebox. Door mounted tweeter visible here
38mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Cup holders placed behind the gear lever
40mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Sunglass holder  – also visible is the button for the sunroof
41mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Boot space : notice the 60:40 split for the rear seats.
42mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

We drove the car for a good 7-8 hours in Goa
7mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

As there is an embargo in place, we can’t tell you about the ride and handling or the performance!
9mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

What all do know is that the XUV300 will be offered with 1.2 turbo petrol and 1.5 turbo diesel units
10mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Side profile view with the SUV in motion
11mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Can the XUV300 kick up a storm in the segment?
21mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Some more motion shots will follow below…
2mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Mahindra owns a majority stake in Korean company Ssangyong. This is based on the Ssangyong Tivoli but modified for India
1mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Modifications include a shorter length and different front and rear ends
3mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

As seen, this is the W8 model (badge visible) – some online reports suggest there will be three variants on offer (W4, W6, W8)
4mahindra Xuv300 Pictures

Our review with opinions will be online at 12 pm on 6th February. Pricing will be out on 14th.
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