5 features that the Mahindra XUV300 offers over the bigger XUV500

There is a lot of buzz around Mahindra’s upcoming compact SUV and for the right reasons. We all know by now that as per the official images and teasers released by Mahindra, the XUV300 looks stunning and comes packed with features. We compared it with its elder sibling, the XUV500 and were impressed to know there are 5 features that the XUV300 boasts of having over its bigger and more expensive sibling. Lets have a look:

  1. 7 Airbags on offerMahindra Xuv300 7 Airbags 1The XUV300 will take safety parameters to an all-new level in the compact SUV segment. While the bigger XUV500 comes with six airbags, Mahindra will be offering an additional driver side knee airbag in the XUV300. This is very essential to protect the knees during a severe front end collision. However, 7 airbags will only be offered on the top spec version.
  2. Front parking sensorsScreen Shot 2019 02 04 At 12.44.19 PmAs seen in the video shared by Mahindra a days back, the XUV300 will get front parking sensors. These are not found on the XUV500 and are also first in segment. We believe these sensors come very handy, specially when you are parking at an angle alongside a curb by the side of the road. No more scratching the bumper!
  3. Smart SteerHig3The XUV300 is based on the Ssangyong Tivoli SUV and this is a carry over feature which is not offered in the XUV500. Smart steer allows the driver to pick from three steering modes of normal, comfort and sport. As expected, the modes change the way the steering is weighed and feels. Higher speeds or over set of twisties is where the Sport mode will give you more confidence.
  4. Dual zone air-conMahindra Xuv300 Interior Dual Zone Climate Control D4d6While the XUV500 has a proper climate control, the XUV300 takes things to a next level with a dual zone air-con set-up. With these, both the front occupants can control their individual temperature settings. It does happen with all of us when conflicts with our better half arises on a long drive in terms of the ‘perfect’ cabin temperature, right? The XUV300 has this sorted for you!
  5. Heated outside mirrorsScreen Shot 2019 02 04 At 12.44.48 PmThe video shared by Mahindra also shows that the XUV300 gets heated outside mirrors. This is very helpful in various weather conditions like winters, foggy mornings and even in monsoons. This feature is usually found in expensive offerings in India. Good work Mahindra!

Mahindra will launch the XUV300 on 14th February and that is when the pricing will also be revealed. We drove the car extensively in Goa last week but the review is embargoed till 6th Feb, 12 noon. To be sold in both petrol and diesel versions, the XUV300 is being positioned as a premium compact SUV. Watch this space for more soon…