Mahindra XUV400 EV breaks down 3 times in 3 months: Owner stages sit-in protest [Video]

A dissatisfied owner of a Mahindra XUV400 EV hailing from Chrompet, Chennai, has expressed his frustration after his three-month-old vehicle suffered three breakdowns, requiring him to have it towed to the service center each time. Following the third instance of breakdown, the owner took the drastic step of parking the vehicle at the Mahindra showroom.

The Mahindra XUV400 EV is now adorned with a banner expressing the owner’s exasperation and loss of faith in both the brand and its product. In response to this ordeal, the customer intends to take legal action against the company, citing mental distress and unresolved issues.

The owner highlights that he invested Rs 21 lakh in purchasing the car and is paying a monthly EMI of Rs 32,000. He opted for Mahindra over foreign brands, but the lack of assistance from the company has left him disillusioned.

Although the exact nature of the problem this customer is facing remains uncertain, it’s worth noting that numerous similar cases have emerged where Mahindra XUV400 owners encountered issues with their new vehicles, necessitating towing to service centers.

Multiple complaints

Mahindra XUV400 EV breaks down 3 times in 3 months: Owner stages sit-in protest [Video]

A glance at any social media platform will reveal a multitude of Mahindra customers voicing grievances about various issues plaguing their cars. Despite the extensive waiting periods for most Mahindra vehicles, the quality of these cars falls short of expectations. The XUV400 EV, for instance, has garnered numerous complaints, exemplifying this quality concern. Here, we present two recent instances to illustrate the matter.

One customer shared his experience of his brand-new XUV400 abruptly stalling in the middle of the road, necessitating a tow back to the service center. Meanwhile, another owner resorted to parking his vehicle in front of a Mahindra showroom after grappling with multiple problems, including inadequate range.

Mahindra XUV400 EV breaks down 3 times in 3 months: Owner stages sit-in protest [Video]

Mahindra’s history is replete with instances where customers have expressed dissatisfaction over quality issues, and unfortunately, this trend continues even with contemporary models like the Scorpio-N, XUV700, Thar, and the XUV 400 EV.

Many Mahindra vehicles incorporate features typically found in higher segments. These features rely on sensors to provide data, yet frequently, the displayed information is notably unreliable. One of the cases is the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). On occasion, these vehicles issue low air pressure warnings at high speeds due to malfunctioning or faulty sensors and electronics. This potential concern could indeed pose a significant issue. Moreover, Mahindra owners have raised concerns about instances where door sensors malfunction, leading to a persistent door-open warning.

The majority of Mahindra vehicles fall into the ladder-on-frame category. These vehicles are renowned for their robust and rugged construction; however, the reality is that they are not entirely free from rattles. Almost all Mahindra vehicles tend to develop rattling noises after covering around 40,000 kilometers. Even the XUV 500, which employed a monocoque chassis, experienced pronounced rattles over time. While we have yet to witness the same with the XUV700, these rattles are frequently disregarded by Mahindra vehicle owners due to the brand’s solid external build quality.

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