What a Mahindra XUV500 rides like after 3 lakh kms

Mahindra is one of the largest utility vehicle manufacturer in the country. It has always been a manufacturer that people relate with SUVs and MUVs. One of the game changing product that Mahindra had launched in the market was Scorpio. It became so popular among buyers that it was a commonly spotted SUV in both rural and urban areas. After Scorpio, Mahindra developed another product which was different from the ones that they had produced till date. It was an SUV that used monocoque chassis like a regular hatchback or a sedan. This was the XUV500. It quickly became popular among buyers for its looks and features that it offers. It was launched in the 2011 and over the years, XUV500 has changed a lot to stay in the competition. Here we have a video that shows how an XUV500 rides like after completing almost 3 lakh kms on odometer.

The video has been uploaded by Aarnav Chaudhary on his YouTube channel. The vlogger introduces an XUV500 owner who has completed 2.96 lakh kms in the XUV500 and is sharing his experience. The XUV500 seen in the video is a 2012 model W6 trim which offers almost all the features. As seen in the video, the front end of the SUV looks different from 2012 model because the owner had modified the front-end to make it look like a type 2 version.

The owner of the SUV is very happy with the vehicle. He has been using it for the last 8+ years and is satisfied with it. Owner does not mention much about the maintenance cost of the XUV500 in the video. The video then starts showing how it feels to drive an XUV500 that has clocked almost 3 lakh kms. The interiors on this XUV500 had started showing its age and that is the first thing that we could notice in the video.

What a Mahindra XUV500 rides like after 3 lakh kms

There were rattling sounds in the cabin as the panels were vibrating. This could have happened as a result of being driven on bad roads constantly. In terms of engine performance and pickup, the owner said, it still has that punch and is easy to drive in city traffic too. The gearshifts are not as smooth and also makes screeching noises at times. The owner can be heard saying in the video that this is the most used car in the house and it has been driven to Delhi and Bihar several times.

In all these years, these years there have been no major issues with the engine until recently. That also happened because of driver’s negligence as he had not checked the level of coolant in the car. Overall, the owner feels pretty satisfied with the SUV in terms of looks and performance.

Mahindra is all set to launch the next-generation XUV500 in the market. It has been spotted several times under heavy camouflage. The launch is expected to happen some time later this year. It will be available with both petrol and diesel engine options with manual and automatic gearboxes. It is however not known whether Mahindra will re-introduce the AWD system in the upcoming SUV.

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