Mahindra XUV500 Crossover Facelift commences testing in India

Mahindra & Mahindra has begun testing the facelifted XUV500 on Indian roads ahead of the crossover’s 2015 launch. A lot has been planned for the facelifted XUV500, from mildly revised exteriors to a diesel-electric hybrid powerplant and then some. The XUV500 Facelift is also expected to gain an automatic gearbox with the 2.2 liter mHawk turbo diesel engine making more power and torque than ever before. The crossover may also get a turbo petrol motor displacing 2.2 liters. The current, 1st generation XUV500 is niggle prone and the facelifted model will also aim to correct this aspect of the crossover.

Mahindra XUV500 Crossover Facelift commences testing in India

The XUV500 has been a runaway success for Mahindra with the automaker selling over 100,000 examples in the country. Launched in the winter of 2011, the flagship crossover is 3 years old, and in need of a facelift. Sales have begun showing a downward slide indicating that buyers are looking for something new from the vehicle. The facelift of the XUV500 is expect to coincide with a big push on the exports front. In fact, the turbo petrol engine is being readied up mainly with the export market in mind. As a flagship vehicle, the XUV500 will lead Mahindra’s charge into newer markets.

Mahindra planning a push into petrol engined SUVs

Code-named the W-256, the facelifted XUV500 will add new variants. The automatic and the diesel hybrid variants of the XUV500 are likely to be priced higher while the turbo petrol engined model could occupy the lowest slot in the crossover’s line up, serving as a stunning value-for-money offering. The XUV500 will continue to retain the monocoque chassis and front wheel drive layout for most of the variants. The all wheel drive system will continue to be offered on the top-spec models of the luxury crossover. The XUV500 Facelift will be one of the many new launches Mahindra has planned for the Indian market in 2015.

Spyshot courtesy Team-BHP