Mahindra XUV500 with rooftop tent will impress every camper

Mahindra has number of utility vehicles in their line up. They are India’s largest utility vehicle manufacturer and one of the most popular vehicle in their line up is XUV500. It is quite spacious and is available with several customisation options. It is quite popular in the modification circles and we have seen several tastefully customised examples on the internet. Here we have a video of a customised Mahindra XUV500 that comes with a rooftop tent that will impress every camper.

The video has been uploaded by Explore Explore The Unseen 2.0 on their youtube channel. The video shows the whole process of setting up the roof top tent and the space that it offers. The video starts by showing the XUV500 on which, the tent is set up. The whole XUV500 looks in stock condition except for the roof. There is a large box placed on the top and in that box is the whole tent.

The vlogger starts by getting the straps on the roof undone. After straps were taken off, there top pops up without too much effort. Once that opens up, there is a small ladder included inside the tent which can easily taken up to 150 kilos of weight at a time. The ladder is attached to the base of the tent that expands it. The base is sturdy enough to handle the weight of grown individuals. The base of the ladder acts as a support to the extended base.

Once that is done, the base is almost set. The only thing that the one has to do is get into the tent and set up the window shades. Even the sun shade on this tent is customisable. There is a flap that keeps the mosquitoes away and incase you are at a cold place, you can close the flap completely to keep the wind away. The tent is so spacious that, it can easily accommodate three to four fully grown adults. The main benefit of this setup is that it is quite easy to open and close. It looks sturdy and has ample amount space inside while it does not take too much space on the roof as well.

What one must remember while installing such a tent though is whether your local RTO has any objection to it. In fact, in some parts of India, a roof carrier has to be approved by the RTO. In such cases, you need to ensure that the local RTO enters the roof carrier on the Registration Certificate (RC), making it legal. Otherwise, you could be penalized for having a roof carrier and tent on top of your car.