Mahindra XUV500 sells DOUBLE the Jeep Compass: Reasons

The Mahindra XUV500 continues to outshine the Jeep Compass SUV in India. For the second consecutive month, the XUV500 has sold much more than the Compass. In June 2018, Mahindra put out 2,717 units of the XUV500 to dealer stockyards. In contrast, the Jeep Compass managed only 1,478 units. So, what’s making the Mahindra XUV500 outsell the Jeep Compass by such a large margin? Here are some reasons.


new mahindra xuv500 vs old model

The Mahindra XUV500 got a recent facelift, which makes it look a lot fresher. The interiors of the luxury crossover are more plush than before. Mahindra has also added a slew of features to the XUV500, making the SUV a lot more desirable than before. The vehicle also gets a power and torque boost, bringing it closer to the Compass in terms of outright performance. These factors have come together to give the facelifted Mahindra XUV500 a solid sales boost, allowing it to forge ahead of the Compass quite comprehensively.

Better value for money

The XUV500 starts from Rs. 12.42 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi, which makes it over Rs. 2.5 lakhs cheaper than the Jeep Compass. Moreover, the XUV500 offers higher levels of equipment across variants, and is a much larger vehicle with a better street presence. Also, the XUV500 offers 7 seats compared to the Compass’ 5-seat layout. This makes the XUV500 much better value for money. The crossover is quite attractive to those on tighter budgets. All this is translating into good sales.

Much better dealership reach

Mahindra has a much better service network in terms of dealerships and after-sales service centers across India when compared to Jeep. This higher reach gives Mahindra a larger buyer segment across the length and breadth of India. While a lot of people living in smaller places aren’t able to access Jeep dealerships and service centers easily, it’s exactly the opposite with Mahindra. This is another reason why the XUV500 is still finding a lot of acceptance despite being a 7-year-old product with constant refreshes.

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