Mahindra XUV500 type 1 to type 3 conversion on video

The video of the transformation of the XUV500 has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. The video begins with a few before and after shots of the SUV and following this the owner of the shop starts the introduction. He starts by showing the silver XUV500 that had came to their workshop in Pune. The company also has workshops in Mumbai and Hyderabad as well.

The owner tells that they will be converting this old model XUV500 to the last generation of the SUV which came just before the launch of the all-new XUV700. He stated that they will be using all the OEM parts from Mahindra to completely give it a facelift to the new model. The presenter reveals that currently the car is in a dire state and needs a lot of reconditioning in order to get it to look perfect.

He starts at the front of the car by stating that they will need to replace all the elements of the front fascia like the headlights, bumper, grilles, and the bonnet to make it new. He adds that the car needs a lot of work as there are ton of issues such the bumper has been held on by screws. The side fender flares have also been screwed. Additionally there is also a grille missing on the front left. Also the mirrors have been damaged as well said the shop owner.

Mahindra XUV500 type 1 to type 3 conversion on video

The presenter then tells that the car has been in this state because the owner of the SUV wanted it to get converted at Autorounders only. He then revealed that the car will also be getting a full paint job and will be getting painted in German luxury carmaker BMWs Donington Grey Metallic color. He then moved on the interior of the XUV500 and stated that the interior has been badly damaged as well will be getting revamp as well.

He starts by saying that the interior has almost been finished. The foam of the seats have even come out and also leather from handrest is also peeling back. He mentioned that although the interior is not in such a good  condition, mechanically the car is great as they recently performed major servicing. He added that the engine is in good condition and even said that the car in quite comfortable. He shared his opinion that the car is more comfortable than the Toyota Fortuner Type 1.

Following the introduction the car then gets into the workshop where it gets stripped of all the parts in the front and rear and then gets into denting stage. All the dents get pulled out and all the issues get rectified by glazing putty and sanding. The car then moves into the painting booth and finally after car gets assembled. The assembling part has not been shown the video but at the end the car gets a complete makeover at the front and is shown in Donnigton Grey color. At last the review of the owner is asked to which he replies that he is satisfied with the service.



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