Mahindra XUV500 with the MadMen kit from Motormind looks rad [Video]

The Mahindra XUV500 is one of the best-selling 7-seat SUVs of our country. Its high ground clearance, imposing stance and comfy interiors have made it a popular choice among people. Bangalore-based tuner Motormind has introduced a new body kit for the Mahindra XUV500. Motormind is a well-known company in the Indian modification scene and has many marvelous designs and mods under its belt. Let’s now have a look at the new XUV body kit.

What’s the MadMen kit all about?

The Madmen kit is targeted towards individuals who want their car to stand out from the lot. With the Mahindra XUV500 selling like hot cakes, it is possible that your car just becomes a part of the XUV500 crowd. So that’s what this kit is meant to change, lend more character and personality to the vehicles and make it shine separately.

Interesting, but how?

First, let’s be clear on one thing. This thing being a ‘body’ kit, no changes are made under the hood. So it’s all just about the aesthetics.

Talking about the changes, the car now gets redesigned front and rear bumpers along with a host of other cosmetic upgrades. At the front, the car now sports pronounced angular air vents on the lower sides of the bumper. Custom LED DRLs are recessed at the top of the air vents. The lower portion gets a clean skid pad engulfed by sharp chins. A rather aggressive looking hood scoop also makes its presence along with a redesigned grille complete with a honeycomb mesh.

Mahindra XUV500 with the MadMen kit from Motormind looks rad [Video]

The sides haven’t changed much except for beefed up and blacked-out wheel arches, giving the car a more rugged look. Coming to the rear, changes include a sleek diffuser with a set of sharp ribs projecting out along with the integrated custom LED. Air vents with a honeycomb grille are on the either sides of the bumper, connected by an open slit. These vents also get a clear lens LED blinker. A set of trapezoidal-shaped exhaust tips on either side of the diffuser add to the appeal.

Impressive, anything on the inside?

Yeah, Motormind has covered all corners with this kit and then some. The insides are now swathed completely in black leather. Red stitching further adds to its character. The gear knob and the steering wheel both look sporty with all that leather and red stitching upon them. The seats now have a quilted pattern and look quite good.

The highlight of the cabin however is the centre console which has been given a carbon fibre finish. It looks truly stunning. Also, the buttons and switches on the centre console have a different shade now (reddish pink maybe) and it goes really well with the carbon fibre finish.

Seems like a good package, how much though ?

Not much is known about the pricing as of now, but expect it to be somewhere near Rs. 1.5 lakhs. You will need a donor car and the final product may take some time to deliver. Also, if you have made up your mind to stand out from the lot, we recommend you to get the base variant as the donor vehicle. There’s no point in getting a higher trim if you get the whole vehicle revamped. Of course, that doesn’t imply if you already own one.